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We are only as great as the people we employ and Laduma’s secret is that we are great at what we do, because of them.

Our team constantly goes beyond to see the company succeed and to make our customers happy. Our staff are our best spokespeople, they are the voice of our brand, they tell our story better than anyone and they represent us better than any press release, marketing push or social media campaign ever could. As a company we care more – about our clients, about our colleagues, about how the organization conducts itself in a world with endless opportunities to cut corners and compromise on values. That’s what helps us stand out from the crowd in a hyper-competitive marketplace. It matters.

Our expertise is second to none. We have a team comprised of rising stars and hard-nosed veterans who have seen it all before. Our management team has 40 years experience with the likes of News Corp, Virgin, BBC and Warner Bros. Our creative guys, have worked on Oscar winning movies and in network TV. Our marketing team know how to engage people with their own infectious enthusiasm and have won awards all over the world as the ‘most social brand’. And our developers love what they do so much, that they would be doing it even if we didn’t pay them. But that wouldn’t really be fair, would it?

Together our teams in the UK, United States and South Africa are a formidable force for good. We like them anyway.

And we think you will too.


Our Philosophy

At Laduma our philosophy is straightforward.

Connection: with clients’ feelings and aims: We will truly understand their needs better than any other company.
Focus: We do not take every job that comes our way. We only take on work where we can deliver a successful outcome.
Recommended: We will be the most recommended company of our kind. Word of mouth is the best marketing.
Fun: We will always be fun to be around, fun to work with and encourage our staff to have fun while they work.
Value: We will add value and always make our clients and staff feel valued


Our Culture

Laduma’s culture is at the heart of how we operate and we never forget that our people are at the core of everything we do.

We have fantastic, creative staff who are supported to take advantage of a healthy work-life balance. We close our offices around the world at 12.30pm on Friday and give our staff the last Friday of the month off. Because of that flexibility, our team always feels ready to pull together and get the job done. The office environment is an aspect of culture that we feel very strongly about. Laduma is a young company full of smart, passionate, creative and fun people. We work hard to build these qualities into the spaces in which we operate. Music, chosen by team members is constantly playing and we have tables tennis, arcade games and foosball tables in every office. Pets are allowed. Employees take workday breaks at will to recharge and reflect. We play games and sports, provide wellness initiatives and encourage all kinds of discussion whether work related or otherwise. Office wall colours are bright, graphics are bold, fun, provoking and slightly irreverent.

Pompous inspirational quotes printed over images of waterfalls are banned. Each office has multiple informal meeting areas with bubble chairs, comfy sofas and all kinds of objects from cool radio controlled boats to origami books to create talking points and fun distractions when needed. And we always make sure the fridge is fully stocked for whenever anyone needs something to eat, it’s not just about feeding the mind at Laduma, and sometimes you just need chocolate. All of this contributes to increased levels of creativity, experimentation, loyalty, pride and confidence in always being able to succeed.

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Our team is made up of filmmakers, writers, storytellers, marketers and technologists. We thrive on creativity, revel in technology and love bringing brand initiatives to life through VR.

We’re a great bunch of folks who truly care about our work, our clients and our team members.

Ben Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Rutstein


Alex Kunawicz

Vice President Strategy

Mike Santiago

VP Business Development

Collin Zito

Chief Operating Officer

Lauren Reynolds

Head of Marketing

Kelly Forshaw

Marketing & Communications Manager

Jonas Helgren

Chief Technical Officer

Tommy Pickersgill

Lead Developer

Steven Wheeler

3D Modeler/Animator

Chris Haralambous

Director of Commercial Partnerships

Skyler Baird

Lead VR Producer

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