We spoke to some our team about the recent announcement from Jaunt regarding their change of direction in immersive technology. Jaunt which was known for its VR production announced that it will be refocusing solely on AR and XR technologies.

Laduma’s video editor Micah Burman said:

I think now VR has been around for a little while now it’s still pretty in the beginning stages of I think what we can see it potentially do. Moving towards just AR, I see the need for wanting to have more real-life experiences in more interacting with the surrounding environment, surrounding people, communities so there’s application for that, I think we still don’t really know what what that’s going to play out like in the future of using VR vs AR and how we can potentially use them together. It’s interesting to see where they are planning to go with that.


CGI Artist Stephen Wheeler said:

There is a lot more people using AR. There’s people using AR that don’t even realise they’re using AR. More people own tablets, more people own mobile phones not everybody owns a VR headset. It’s also a lot more convenient because you pull your phone our your pocket and it’s there. Whereas with VR you’ve got to put a headset on. So, there’s probably a lot more money to be made in AR right now.

Liverpool Office Manager Amy Adamson said:

I think this move says that the industry is an ever-evolving industry. There’s always things to learn, there’s always places to go, there’s never a brick wall at the end and you can keep on developing. I think it’s interesting that they’ve more or less stopped it completely, because I think there’s still quite a lot you can do with VR. But it is interesting that they started to go into the more interactive side of the reality.

James Hay, Laduma’s VR producer said:

Jaunt has recently gone through some changes. They’ve shifted their focus from 360 video. I wouldn’t say they’re getting out of virtual reality but there are now focusing more on volumetric capture. 360 video’s come a long way in the last five years and it’s kind of settled into its place now and people are starting to have more virtual reality experiences and are starting to discover all the different facets of virtual reality and one of those six degrees of freedom and that’s something that 360 video doesn’t offer but volumetric capture does so what you start to see and something that Laduma is doing as restarting to play around with volumetric capture now and jump to that next level up of virtual reality so I think it’s a good move and I think it’s a very exciting things coming down the pipeline for virtual reality

Laduma’s Head of Marketing Lauren Reynolds said:

We seen a rise in demand for AR and we have focused our efforts on more immersive technologies other than VR, so Jaunt making this move is encouraging because it means that we are moving with the market if not ahead of market and that’s good for us.