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Custom floor to ceiling 360 VR content in a communal environment


Virtual Reality means different things to different clients. To some, it’s an immersive 3D environment which you can explore while wearing a headset. For others, it’s simply a fabulous 360° video which you can lose yourself in.

But whichever way you look at it, we have a team of VR experts with the capabilities to go above and beyond your expectations. Even better, we can put together your VR project while staying within your budget!


The first big question we look at is what are your goals and aims? A piece of content which will drive brand engagement? Impressing potential customers at a trade show? Help train staff using a gamified environment? It’s all possible with VR, and we will tailor a solution based around exactly what you want the outcome to be.

The endpoint then becomes our starting point, before we work back to lay out the path of exactly how we are going to get you there. Whatever form of VR content marketing you are looking for, our VR development team can collaborate with you to produce a highly engaging and innovative campaign that truly catches the eye and makes an impression with your audience. Whether you’re looking to inform, entertain, or both, we’ll get it done.

We have a team of highly enthusiastic experts who specialise in VR content production and who have a track record in producing exciting campaigns across a variety of industries and sectors. We’d love to do it for you!


Virtual Reality doesn’t just have to be to get a headset, plug your phone in and go, there is so much more currently out there to do that not many people here about. Exploring the endless possibilities with VR and 360 video production can really give you an eye-opener as to what is out there and how you use it to utilise your business or general needs.


Describing life-changing products can be difficult to explain, but with VR dome it becomes a totally different experience. Being able to bring the feeling of importance to your potential customers can only be properly efficiently introduced with our VR dome technology. Using a dome that becomes a realistic scenario as to why your product/service may be used practically is the best way to close your deal compared to anything else out there on the internet.


The CaVRn from Laduma is a world first.

Our custom designed, 22ft circumference, dome uses grounding breaking short-throw projector technology and spatial audio to create a unique ‘ floor to ceiling;’ experience. With the ability to make VR more social than ever, the CaVRn will revolutionise countless industries, with medical and tourism at the forefront.

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360º Filming

We have created content for the likes of HSBC, Samsung, the NFL and Intermountain Healthcare. Working with big names and brands is what we do, so we are totally used to working within the parameters which are set on high-level projects, often around time or access.

We have a host of cameras for every job, as well as offering drone and on-the-ground movement solutions for smooth content capture. We can make use of tools such as innovative VR software to help you bring the highest levels of originality and quality to your media.

VR Gallery Apps

We have apps that make Virtual Reality content delivery easy. Whether it’s a smart phone app or a piece of software on a tablet tablet to control a headset, we’ve got everything to solve your challenge. Content playlists, content sharing, data collection and tracking are all easily done via our white label solutions.


There is no other easier method of entertaining an audience than having a great virtual reality video/game for your audience to get involved with. You can find this method of entertainment to be extremely interactive with your VR audience feeling they are actually there in the moment. We have more on VR entertainment and how it can benefit you and your business as well as examples, like the BBC VR app that was created for their large audience.


Virtual Reality marketing has seriously taken the world by storm over the last decade with the amount of value these new technological methods of marketing add to your business.

If you want to know exactly how VR marketing & social VR could work in practice, we have a wealth of experience and a strong track record of putting together high-quality VR marketing campaigns. You can see examples of our VR work here.


Learning the difference between VR & AR can be a lot easier than how people may describe it in person, it is more to do with what is with and not with you in your visualisation. VR can take more of a control over your overall vision, whereas AR is more something that can be demonstrated on something as simple as an iPad.


  • Realistic scenarios
  • More memorable marketing method
  • Safe & controlled environment
  • Adaptable to different learning techniques
  • Simplifies complex situations or problems
  • Remotely accessible anywhere.


We have labelled some VR headsets that we think are some of the best on the market, although these are in particular order. We didn’t want to decide which ones we thought were better as everyone seems to have a different virtual reality experience than everybody else.


This virtual reality headset created by Sony is a really great piece of kit, especially for the price. It is one of the most cost-effective VR headsets that are on the market, the technology that is held within this small device is really amazing. The Sony VR also has an extremely slick look and feel when wearing the device on your head, compared to other devices this one certainly stands out.

PlayStation VR provides a higher quality experience than the Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR, proving it’s worth by dominating the console gaming industry. Although PSVR is predominantly for gaming, it is still more than capable of hosting VR content via the many apps including YouTube,  for you to upload and watch your own VR content. With its low price and PS4 compatibility, PlayStation VR has outsold both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

2. LG 360 VR

The LG 360 VR headset comes with 2 1.8 IPS displays each holding 960*720 pixels of resolutions resulting in 639 PPI. This headset with the technology it holds is greatly structured in price, you are really getting your money’s worth compared to what else is out there on the market. The LG 360 VR headset is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, a lot of the reviews online state that it doesn’t get in the way or distract them through there virtual reality experience.


The Oculus Rift is probably the brand that will first spring to mind at the mention of Virtual Reality. The Oculus Rift plugs into your computer and tracks your head movements to provide 3D imagery on its stereo screens.

This is a great option if you want to display to an audience of passers-by what the viewer is watching. The consumer edition of Rift uses a 2160 x 1200 resolution, working at 233 million pixels per second and for this reason, the oculus is a perfect solution when viewing content that requires attention to detail.

This headset is a high-end solution in comparison to the mobile phone powered solutions, especially as you need a high-end computer, therefore may not be the best option if you will be needing to demo using multiple headsets at the same time.


A first-time viewer of VR content may be put off by the prospect of motion sickness. The HTC Vive headset uses 70 sensors to offer 360° head-tracking as well as a 90Hz refresh rate – key for keeping down latency, which is the technical term for the effect that causes motion sickness. If the VR content you are demoing has a great deal of moving shots, such as aerial footage, then this headset is a great solution.

Another reason HTC Vive proves a popular choice ahead of other companies is its Lighthouse room tracking technology, which allows the viewer to move around with the headset on. You would need to mount sensors, but the effect is more than worth it for the viewer. Meanwhile, the Vive’s new Tracker tech is able to bring any object into VR.


The software philanthropist, Bill Gates, and his highly advanced technical team have integrated AI with there new virtual reality headset. Microsoft have allowed access to developers to be able to program applications and other dev experiences through the VR headset itself, giving you full control of experience whilst programming. This new feature has taken the world by storm, changing the way applications are created within the virtual reality world.


Google has led the way in making virtual reality as accessible as possible for the masses, through the Google Cardboard, a card frame that folds out into a portable, lightweight VR headset. A client can pre-insert a smartphone such as a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone making it immediately ready for use. The user can strap it around, or hold it up to his or her head, and easily view content without having to deal with any adjustment controls or cables.

The Google Cardboard can be produced as a flat, self-assembly unit making it perfect for large-scale distribution as a covermount. It can also be easily customized to carry client branding and messaging. Of course, being made from cardboard, it’s not the most durable headset, but if the objective is reached, it’s a very practical and cost-effective option.


What is the Google Daydream? How has Google managed to get 2 of its virtual reality products in the top 10 of this article? Well, Google have developed a new innovative virtual reality headset compared to others in the market. They have found a gap that needed filling, people wanting VR headsets but can not afford the top of the range kits. This VR kit has a soft outer packaging for long-lasting entertainment without any strains on your head whilst using.

The multibillion-dollar company have gone a bit further, they are already moving onto the next version of this product and have released information to its customers regarding what it is going to be like. Google has created a new Google Daydream allowing users to use the application without a phone or PC connected to the device, so it will be fully wireless. You will download your virtual reality applications and manage them within the VR headset rather than an external device that you would have plugged in beforehand.


Samsung’s Gear VR has long been a top seller in the smartphone VR headset market. For customers with Samsung phones, this is the best mobile VR experience for content marketing and distribution. This year’s biggest addition is a brand new controller, which enhances the VR experience.

You’ll need one of the compatible Samsung phones, which includes the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and the S7 and S7 Edge, and the display quality when using Gear VR depends on which you use. There are some features that’ll give you a good experience no matter which Samsung handset you own, like a wide 101-degree viewing angle and a dark tint to reduce glare and reflections. The Gear VR works particularly well with fast-paced content such as sportsThe lightweight headset allows the viewer to quickly move and turn their head with ease to follow the action of the sport.

Laduma regularly uses Samsung Gear VR headsets to demonstrate VR content at trade shows and events, because not only are the headsets lightweight and reliable, they also provide a quality viewing experience.


The Homido VR Headset is a great headset for a great price, you can snap one up for less than £70 on Amazon. This virtual reality headset comes with custom lenses tailored to your needs. You can buy each part of the headset separately or buy the whole package and if anything breaks this makes it easier for you to repair the device yourself. The headset has foam around the outside of the inside of the VR headset to help protect your face from the outer casing.


The Sulon Q has extroadinary capabilities within the headset, it is the first AR/VR headset that is practical for its users. Considering we are still being introduced to the virtual reality industry and technology is still fresh, this move from Sulon is massive in the industry. Many other leading experts are saying it is the best value for money compared to the other virtual reality headsets that are out there on the market currently. This miniature computer holds an 8gb RAM card, 256gb of storage and other amazing functionality not many VR headsets also contain.


The VR Process

It begins with planning a narrative to achieve your goals, spread your message and make an impact. We know how to write words which will set you apart and create scenes which are unforgettable.

A great idea is nothing without a clear plan for how it will be delivered. We create a timeline of clear milestones for every step of the process, from staff and kit required to filming access, logistics and delivery.

We have cameras for every job, as well as drone and on-the-ground movement solutions for smooth content capture. We use innovative VR software to bring the highest levels of originality and quality to your media.

We have an expert team of stitchers and editors who can create the perfect 360° world and narrative to tell your story as powerfully as possible. We also give you the chance to review the project’s progress and feedback.

Our range of virtual reality content can be delivered in any format, and to any platform you wish. Clients often post videos on their social media channels, or show them in headsets at public and private events.

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