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What is VR?

Virtual Reality means different things to different clients. To some it’s an immersive 3D environment which you can explore while wearing a headset. For others it’s simply a fabulous 360° video which you can lose yourself in.

But whichever way you look at it, we have a team of VR experts with the capabilities to go above and beyond your expectations. Even better, we can put together your VR project while staying within your budget!

If you want to know exactly how VR marketing could work in practice, we have a wealth of experience and a strong track record of putting together high-quality VR campaigns. You can see examples of our VR work here.

Why Use VR Marketing?

The first big question we look at is what are your goals and aims? A piece of content which will drive brand engagement? Impress potential customers at a trade show? Help train staff using a gamified environment? It’s all possible with VR, and we will tailor a solution based around exactly what you want the outcome to be.

The endpoint then becomes our starting point, before we work back to lay out the path of exactly how we are going to get you there. Whatever form of VR content marketing you are looking for, our VR development team can collaborate with you to produce a highly engaging and innovative campaign that truly catches the eye and makes an impression with your audience. Whether you’re looking to inform, entertain, or both, we’ll get it done.

We have a team of highly enthusiastic experts who specialise in VR content production and who have a track record in producing exciting campaigns across a variety of industries and sectors. We’d love to do it for you!

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The CaVRn from Laduma is a world first.

Our custom designed, 22ft circumference, dome uses grounding breaking short-throw projector technology and spatial audio to create a unique ‘ floor to ceiling;’ experience. With the ability to make VR more social than ever, the CaVRn will revolutionise countless industries, with medical and tourism at the forefront.

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360º Filming

We have created content for the likes of HSBC, Samsung, the NFL and Intermountain Healthcare. Working with big names and brands is what we do, so we are totally used to working within the parameters which are set on high-level projects, often around time or access.

We have a host of cameras for every job, as well as offering drone and on-the-ground movement solutions for smooth content capture. We can make use of tools such as innovative VR software to help you bring the highest levels of originality and quality to your media.

VR Gallery Apps

We have apps that make Virtual Reality content delivery easy. Whether it’s a smart phone app or a piece of software on a tablet tablet to control a headset, we’ve got everything to solve your challenge. Content playlists, content sharing, data collection and tracking are all easily done via our white label solutions.

The VR Process

It begins with planning a narrative to achieve your goals, spread your message and make an impact. We know how to write words which will set you apart and create scenes which are unforgettable.

A great idea is nothing without a clear plan for how it will be delivered. We create a timeline of clear milestones for every step of the process, from staff and kit required to filming access, logistics and delivery.

We have cameras for every job, as well as drone and on-the-ground movement solutions for smooth content capture. We use innovative VR software to bring the highest levels of originality and quality to your media.

We have an expert team of stitchers and editors who can create the perfect 360° world and narrative to tell your story as powerfully as possible. We also give you the chance to review the project’s progress and feedback.

Our range of virtual reality content can be delivered in any format, and to any platform you wish. Clients often post videos on their social media channels, or show them in headsets at public and private events.

Our Clients

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