The new NFL season gets underway this week, as Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles host Atlanta Falcons. It’s a repeat of last season’s first play-off game, when the Eagles came mightily close to falling at the first hurdle.


They didn’t and they have the rings to prove it. So there. But it doesn’t get much more exciting than two of the leagues brightest talents facing each other on opening night.


Here at Laduma, the NFL is close to our hearts – both in the US office in Salt Lake City and the UK office in Liverpool. But as one of the world’s most colourful sports, who wouldn’t be interested?


And in the past couple of years, we’ve had the privilege of working with two great NFL organizations – Jacksonville Jaguars and Denver Broncos.


Our project with Jacksonville Jaguars was a cross Atlantic affair that coincided with Jacksonville’s match against Indianapolis Colts at Wembley.


The task was to use Virtual Reality to bring the Jaguars’ international fans closer to the team. We filmed at a Jaguars game in Florida before showing the results at a fan party Regent Street. But how did it all come together?


Laduma Marketing Manager Kelly Forshaw, who worked closely on the project explains.



‘Supporting a team from a different continent proves extremely difficult for fans. Having to watch the games on TV at unsociable hours, not being able to actually attend matches. It’s easy for fans to become disconnected from their sports team. We were delighted to offer fans to get even closer to their team. We produced a 360° VR experience that allowed fans to get up close to their heroes. Fans were queueing up the street in London to experience a Jacksonville Jaguars on their home turf in Florida. The reaction couldn’t have been better.’


Our next encounter with the NFL saw us tasked with using VR to show off the spectacular match day experience at then Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos.


Broncos fans are some of the most passionate in the NFL and for sponsors, passion sells. Big time. So as well as attracting new fans, we needed to show that passion to potential corporate investors.


Easy, eh?


Laduma VP of Business Development, explains how we did it: “The Broncos film proved to be our most challenging shoot to date. With Jacksonville Jaguars, we had to cool down the cameras by putting ice packs on top of the camera rigs with field level temperatures reaching over 105°.


“In Denver, it was the complete opposite. Our flights were canceled due to cold weather and storms so we had to take a private jet to get to the game in time. Once we landed, we realized keeping cameras warm enough would be the task of the day!


“Access around the stadium was key as we alternated between shots with former Broncos players in the players suite, in heated and comfortable rooms, to shots on the field where temperatures were below freezing.
“Getting on the field and up close to the players provided a better than front row experience for sponsors to see in the VR piece. In the end, seeing Broncos fans braving freezing temperatures and still showing the passion and love for the team is exactly what the Broncos Marketing department was eager to show.”


So yes, the NFL hits the big time once again this week and here at Laduma, we’ll be watching the action closely.


But as you’ve seen already, we’ve always done that.