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The most important part of working with Virtual Reality is the content that your audience will be immersed in. It undoubtedly has to be incredible to fully experience the unique nature of Virtual Reality.  We have years of experience and expertise in Virtual Reality marketing and our highly skilled team can put together an immersive content masterpiece that will perfectly adhere to your company’s brand and the concept you wish to portray with the use of VR content marketing.

VR content creation takes many forms, and when working with Laduma, we will find just the right VR content marketing options for you and your company which will aid in increasing customer awareness and engagement. Virtual Reality that is paired with high-quality content has the possibility to really amplify your company and its ideas. Laduma are ready to bring your ideas from fantasy to reality, or even better, to Virtual Reality.

Striving for Innovation

As respected professionals in Virtual Reality content creation, we strive only to sculpt the most mind-blowing content to go alongside your very own Virtual Reality experience. Unlike some other VR content agency options, our VR experience – while a key aspect – is only one aspect of the overall immersive content marketing campaign that we can plan, design and create to reflect your company and engage your audience.

After analysing your initial ideas and your business as a whole, if we think that Virtual Reality marketing is definitely going to be a smart path for you then Laduma will begin to plan your project to factor in this highly immersive media option. In regard to Virtual Reality content production, it is vital for your VR content agency to become experts in your business. That way, we can start planning content that will adhere to brand, style and consequently make the end result something to be proud of.

How does our VR content marketing work?

Depending on your company and what you would like to use VR for – whether it’s to promote a new product or service for your business, or for general marketing purposes – Laduma will outline exactly what your project will look like, as there are many possible routes to take when working with Virtual Reality content marketing. We will look at filming possibilities, animation and exact software choices as we narrow down what your personalised Virtual Reality content will consist of.  Laduma will take everything into account and set themselves the challenge to create something extraordinary for you and your customers, as the quality of the user experience is key to a successful VR marketing campaign.

Virtual Reality can come in many forms, but should always be highly immersive, providing a sensory experience never felt before. One example of Virtual Reality content marketing that we can achieve is a live-action film that can be adjusted to a Virtual Reality form; placing the individual right in the middle of your designed narrative. This type of VR content marketing will call for Laduma’s team of directors and producers to begin planning this live-action project in line with your ideas and creative requirements.

What are the core values of our VR content process?

To guarantee we are the right VR content agency for you, Laduma focus on building the best narrative and concept to reflect your brand, offering services such as finding the ideal locations and personnel to bring your ideas to the world of Virtual Reality marketing. We make sure to get the most out of the filming and editing to ensure the best results when experiencing your VR content creation first hand.

The effort and attention to detail we apply to Virtual Reality content creating also extends to that of animated content, as we can access elite animators and creative minds who can conjure up whole new environments just for you. Due to the nature of Virtual Reality, no matter the content, the immersive experience will allow it to be a one-of-a-kind and memorable venture; one that will amaze and excite!

What are the best ways to use VR content marketing?

High-quality VR content marketing is readily achievable with our expert creative team. It will be an unforgettable experience for your clients, that will not only be the best way to promote your business and/or ideas, but a sure way to guarantee it is unlike anything seen before. Originality is assured. VR content marketing is not limited to live-action or animation, so there is always something that Laduma can produce to suit your exact needs, from a conference exhibition through to an immersive video. Virtual Reality content creation also does not have to be on a grand scale, it can be as compact as an app for your mobile phone.

Here at Laduma, we have the team, the software and the ability to work to all levels of Virtual Reality content marketing, so we can adapt and alter until we create the perfect original project for you to use. You decide whether you want your audience to be a passive viewer, or an active part of the narrative. Whether you want the ultimate viewing experience or showcase a portion of real life, using Virtual Reality opens many new doors for marketing and business promotion. The popularity and demand for Virtual Reality content is constantly on the rise, with people rushing to try it out wherever they can.

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Given the level of competition in immersive content marketing, your VR content marketing has to be engaging and unique to stand out. With Laduma, you’ll get Virtual Reality content creation that gives you the best possible opportunity to promote yourselves through VR. We not only have the technology and the expert knowledge, but the passion and creativity to sculpt something that people won’t be able to stop talking about. Be the topic of conversation on your next marketing campaign with Laduma. Our team are happy to speak to you today by phone, email or web form over on our Contact page.

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