There have been many phases and key milestones in the Virtual and Augmented Reality industry. The space is moving at an exciting pace, with new capabilities being introduced on what seems to be a weekly basis.
Wireless VR is happening with depth of field issues being solved. Social applications like VRChat are exploding in popularity. VR ready PCs are getting smaller, faster and more affordable. Lastly, AR is coming into it’s own with Apple’s ARKIT and the plethora of AR experiences available to the wider public.

Which begs the question, what is next?

We now know the advantages of the immersive nature of putting on a VR headset and being taken to another world. Augmenting our worldview through AR has shown unique ways to educate, train and enlighten as well. Yet, these can sometimes be private, isolating experiences. So how do we solve this issue? A 360° dome that can project floor to ceiling VR content is a great start.
Imagine the first time you put on a VR headset. It was more than likely a mind-blowing experience. If you have seen enough VR though, you will begin to yearn for human interaction. You’ll want to see other people’s reaction to the content. Are they amazed? Did they see the shot of the plane overhead? Did they hear the spatial audio of the jet engine?
With a 360° dome, you can offer people the ability to experience VR content together.Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality company Laduma offers clients the chance to deliver just that. Laduma has a 22 ft/7 meter, 360° dome that is specifically designed for clients to showcase floor to ceiling projection of VR content.
It also offers the ability to include mixed reality experiences. In other words, you can overlay synthetic content to interact with – in addition to the VR content that surrounds you in the dome.
A useful case that is helpful in painting a picture of a 360° dome involves medical devices.
Imagine you produce a medical devise commonly used in emergency room procedures. You want to show the story from beginning to end, about how the product saves lives. Now imagine standing in a dome with 20 other people. It’s completely dark and you begin to hear in the distance, the sound of a helicopter engine. The volume increases. The helicopter is getting closer. Your friend standing next to you nudges your arm and points to the sky above you in the dome.
The helicopter is now landing towards you. Naturally, you take a few steps back as the landing pad of the hospital comes into view. The scene now jumps to a patient on the gurney. The ER doctors shout to prepare an operating room. You are now in the OR and you take in the 360° views of doctors and nurses, all preparing for surgery.
POV from a patient
The narration begins as the doctor describes the injury affecting crucial blood flow to the heart. He instructs you, the group in the dome, to lift up your iPads to begin the augmented reality experience. As he describes the injury, you now see a 3D animated heart in the air with a model showing the blood flow issue. It’s pumping but you can see the reduction of blood flow. Now back to the surgery that is being started. You see a heart valve devise being put in place. The procedure is seemingly simple, methodical and within seconds, you see a life being saved with the help of the medical devise.
The doctor explains the successful implant of the device. The surrounding doctors and nurses smile and the shot ends with the patient leaving the hospital. The crowd in the dome claps in approval. They themselves felt like they were a part of this life-saving story. The power of VR is giving a first person view of an experience. The crowd has that view in the dome, but now they are sharing it with their friends together.
All this says nothing of the dramatic appeal of a 22 ft dome in any space. Whether it is a special corporate event, a product launch or at a trade show, the dome will attract visitors – curious to see what is inside.
So show them! Give them an experience they will never forget…together.
To use the Laduma 360° dome at your next event, contact Mike Santiago at or by phone at (949) 201-9496