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As masters in Virtual Reality development, here at Laduma we consist of an expert team who are experienced across many different types of well-known industries and respected brands to assure that we have the best in the business when it comes to every aspect of developing Virtual Reality. With many collective years in the business, we thrive on partnering with exciting clients and working together using our knowledge and skills to fully develop Virtual Reality content, software and an overall experience.

We will work with your ideas and branding aims to ensure that we create an original and perfectly suited project for your company, one that will cut through the noise and stand out amongst the rest. Your ideas and suggestions are our canvas, and we won’t stop till we’ve developed something wonderful. With Laduma, we develop Virtual Reality from the ground up, with your brand and your ideas as the foundation. There are many aspects of Virtual Reality development, and Laduma have an experienced and a passionate team to put to work on every aspect, ensuring a high-quality outcome every time.

What sort of VR development options do we offer?

Whatever challenge you throw at us, whether you need Virtual Reality content, Virtual Reality software or Virtual Reality hardware such as our own CaVRn Dome to display 360 video – we have all the boxes ticked. As a Virtual Reality development company, we have the ability and expertise to bring our magic touch to your VR needs and requirements. We know that not all companies require the same strategy, so we always begin with a clean slate to ensure everything, even down to the final consumer experience, is unique to you and mirrors your company and the ideas and concept you wanted to achieve.

Content Development

A vital aspect of Virtual Reality development is designing content that will not only increase customer engagement and promote your business, but that will showcase your new ideas and what your company stands for. With strategists and creatively minded people alike, we can begin to develop the outline of what your Virtual Reality endeavour is going to look like and consist of, as well as a predicting the desired results in terms of customer reaction, involvement and awareness.

With specific staff who are appointed to business development, marketing and strategy, Virtual Reality development begins with a thorough plan of what it can do for you, and how we can achieve that through creating top quality content. As a practised VR development company, we are fully prepared with the right skills, capability and experience to develop all content aspects of VR. After detailed thought on what your company would like to achieve with Virtual Reality development, Laduma will begin to plan which route will be the best for you.

When working with Virtual Reality content, there are numerous ways you can go, and with our skills in Virtual Reality development, no matter which path we take, whether it be 360 video, interactive Virtual Reality, apps, games, projection or augmented reality, we can develop the ideal project for you. Obviously, different types of VR require different elements of development, but our team is here to listen and act upon exactly what you like and have the expertise to apply their skills to developing content specific to you.

Whether it’s a live-action narrative, training videos or an animated piece in need of characters and colourful settings, Laduma are equipped with a skilled filming and animating team, ready to develop an original, fun and high-quality project. Virtual Reality development can be perfect for that one-off experience, or as a training tool to be distributed throughout your business. Here at Laduma, we appoint a member of the team to each detail of developing your content, from script, to casting, to editing, ensuring that content development is plain sailing.

Software Development

Laduma’s skills and services do not stop at just developing great creative content for your Virtual Reality experience. Whether it’s an app, an interactive concept or an immersive exhibition for your business, we are here to work to your exact needs. Here at Laduma, we look to elevate the level of our clients’ work as we find satisfaction in developing software which you can use to better your business. According to your specifications, we can design and develop apps, interactive games or software for training purposes using our in-house designers, creators and experts in all things VR.

Our skills in Virtual Reality development guarantees that you are supplied with an interesting, easy-to-use and visually pleasing Virtual Reality experience. Whether you want it to be for an individual to experience solo, like on a mobile device, or as many users, like in an event stall, Laduma have the ability to make that happen. Depending on what you would like Virtual Reality to do for you, we can alter and adhere our Virtual Reality development software options to make them work for your company.

Experience Development

Virtual Reality development can be used in many settings and can help you and your business out in ways you could not have imagined. We are able to provide various options for Virtual Reality and are able to develop and an option that meets your specific requirements and engages your target audience. Content and software developed by Laduma can be created for Virtual Reality headsets for individual experience, for mobile use, or it can be produced specifically for our very own 360 dome, CaVRn, to be experienced by several people at a time.

Here at Laduma, we do not leave you to work it out for yourselves. We will always provide help, guidance and setup for all of the projects that we do for you, to further ensure that your audience gets the best experience with your company through your own Virtual Reality project, developed just for you. To find out more about our range of project services, get in touch with our team today.

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