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What is Technology & Software?

Technology and software are behind almost everything we do. We have created many white label apps, programmes and pieces of tech that can be applied in many different ways to solve any challenge.

Why Technology & Software?

The technology and software we have can bring ease to the new realities on the market, or just simply organise all of your content. Whatever your needs, we’re sure we have a solution, even if it’s bespoke for you, and re-branding something we’ve already created.

Media Wall

This is an innovative and powerful way to transform a space. We’ve used this 3D projection technology to change rooms in children’s hospitals into safari landscapes and to turn board rooms into sports stadiums. The latter was done as a sales tool by a football team who wanted to impress potential new sponsors and transport them to their home ground without them having to leave their office hundreds of miles away.

AR Mirror

Our Augmented Reality Mirror brings the opportunity to interact with any character in a setting of your choice. Have them dance, sing or pose for the perfect picture and then share it to social media for everyone to see. We can create characters to your exact specification, and make them as detailed as you wish.

Media Remote

Remotely control content in any format on to any type of screen. Our media remote is used in our CaVRn (VR dome), on our tablet tech (VR content playback) and to control our immersive conferencing solution. It’s a key piece of tech which underpins a lot of what we do.

Playback Technology

Our playback technology allows seamless playback of Virtual Reality content in a headset. Our media remote goes hand in hand with it to allow complete control from outside the headset. We’ve simplified the control of the most complicated content on the market so that anyone can use it.

Hardware Rental

We have a host of options when it comes to renting or selling hardware for any situation. VR headsets and tablets for VR viewing or iPads and phones for accessing AR content are just some of the items we provide. There is also the option of long-term lease agreements where we service and upgrade the products when required.

Bespoke Apps

Our white label apps can deliver Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality to your audience. Built in Unity, they are specially crafted for high-end immersive content that will grab your audience’s attention. Our team have experience of getting apps onto Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play, but this doesn’t have to be the case for every project. Some clients just want a branded playback system for live events or attractions. We can work to your exact immersive tech

Content Storage

We have  a very strong background in this area. Looking after content, managing it, streaming and delivering it are all areas they specialise in. This allows users to, for example, have one piece of content which can be streamed to various locations.

Tracking & Analytics

Through our apps, playback software, content storage systems and eye-tracking (where what the viewer is watched in a headset is recorded), we can provide clients with a host of data which can be analysed. Our apps can also be set-up to your specification (within GDPR regulations) to record various bits of information when a user registers with the app. Likewise, gamified apps can have elements such as live scoring built into them to enhance user experience but also provide valuable information for you.

The Technology & Software Process

Here we find out what challenge you are facing. We ask lots of questions to make sure we create/find the perfect piece of technology of software to solve your challenge.

We will take all of the information found in our meetings and turn that into the answer that will bring organisation, ease or innovation into your business.

Now we work with our whole team, assessing the needs to make the project a reality, and planning the process from beginning to end.

It’s time to build your solution, design the user interface and collaborate with you to ensure you get exactly what you want, down to the smallest detail.

Once any needed changes have been made, we deliver your solution to you with our full support to guarantee you have everything you need to succeed in the tech space.

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