At this time of year, it’s important to remember just how lucky we are. Whilst we ponder over where to buy our turkey or decorations, many aren’t afforded these luxuries that we often take for granted. Here at Laduma, we try to give back some time every year to those less fortunate. Our team believe that it’s the most vulnerable in our communities that we should look out for, especially at Christmas. This year, our UK Office decided to help out by giving money, but more importantly time, to some of Liverpool’s most in need individuals and families.


This month, our entire UK office spent the day helping out at St Andrew’s foodbank in West Derby. We helped to sort through food in their warehouse, first weighing it to determine how much had been donated and then putting it in date order and sorting it all into separate boxes to be distributed to the foodbank. We all pitched in and made it a fun experience that was extremely humbling and rewarding. By the end of the day we had sorted through over 2 tonnes of food and were really proud of our work. It was a very labor-intensive day and it made everyone appreciate just how hard the volunteers that St Andrews rely on have to work to ensure that people can simply eat, a basic human right that most of us have never had to worry about.


We also gave our time to another amazing cause, An Hour for Others. Each member of staff was assigned a child from a family living in poverty and given a list of things that they were interested in and then it was our mission to go and pick out a number of relevant items. Everyone was extremely conscious of the importance of their gifts and really went the extra mile, given that these presents could well be someone’s entire Christmas. We then all wrapped our gifts in the office, ready to be delivered to the offices of An Hour for Others and then on to the houses of each child.


Following on from this work with An Hour for Others, we also assisted them at All Saints School in Anfield, where they organized a Christmas dinner for the elderly. The children of the school had created adorable hats, place names and gifts for the pensioners and the school’s staff cooked up a delicious turkey dinner with all of the trimmings, followed by cheesecake and Christmas pudding. We all chipped in to serve and clear up their meals and enjoyed some live music performed by the Anfield community band. It was fantastic to see their faces light up as they got involved in some Christmas cheer and sang along to old festive classics.


Meanwhile in Utah, our U.S office split into teams and similarly adopted needy families to provide Christmas presents to those children. They also volunteered helping animals at the Humane Society, worked with the Angel Tree Warehouse, collected over 300 lbs of goods to send to the American military troops overseas who can’t be home for Christmas and donated to other animal charities by buying what was on their Amazon wish lists.