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Magic Leap One: The reviews are in

Is Magic Leap’s surprise reveal of the Magic Leap One a glimpse at true genius? There’s no doubting the Augmented Reality industry has been champing at the bit to find […]
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Could Meet the Voxels spark the summer of VR?

Summer 2018. Save that date. Could this be the year that Virtual Reality starts its journey towards the entertainment main stream? First we had Ready Player One – a film […]
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Is Virtual Reality an isolating experience?

Is Virtual Reality all about isolation? Here at Laduma, we believe it depends on your perception – but let’s not stop there. A report from Brand experience agency Amplify has taken […]
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Is VR heading for parity with movie giants?

Potential. Growth. Expansion. Mainstream. Good, dependable words that can justly describe the future of Virtual Reality. So when PwC projects there will be over 55m active VR headsets in the […]
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Football, education and AR growth: A week in the life of Laduma

It doesn’t get any quieter for the team here at Laduma and in the fast-paced world of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, that’s a given. Over the last […]
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Can VR and AR take football by storm?

This weekend it all kicks off. The Premier League season. Match of the Day. Goal of the Month. One night in Kiev? All is forgotten. Almost. As we saw at […]
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ARCore Update: Augmented Reality in the classroom

The latest edition of ARCore could change the way our children access AR and use the technology to learn alongside fellow students across the world. This is primarily due to […]
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Charity, Transport and a night out in Dublin: A week in the life of Laduma

Here at Laduma, our team has spent the last week or so carrying out charity work, blogging about the potential of Augmented Reality in transport and even explaining where the […]
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How immersive technology can increase engagement at trade shows.

If you’ve ever attended a trade show, you’ll know the story. Find booth. Steal swag. Go home. Actually, there’s a bit more to it than that. Trade shows and conferences […]
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What is next for Virtual Reality?

We asked some of the team in our US office, what changes they think we can expect from the Virtual Reality industry in the near future. Here’s what they said. […]
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