Laduma attended Sports Pro Live 2018 in London to showcase its latest VR and AR work in the sports industry. VP of Strategy and Co-Founder, Alex Kunawicz delivered a presentation to attendees about how Laduma has solved challenges for clients within sport using innovative technology and experiences.

Alex said ‘It was also really interesting for me to see what other companies have been doing, these are my three takeaways from the Sports Pro Live event.’


‘The first thing that struck me was the innovation that was on show. VR companies, AR companies including ourselves. Companies such as Live View that make broadcast signals from a collection of sim cards, all these businesses were at the forefront of this event. It’s really great to see new and innovative companies that are really pushing the boundaries having such a huge presence at this event.

“Where technology meets sports business” is the tag line for the event and I think it definitely lived up to its billing and it was really interesting to see so many brands, agencies and broadcasters really interested in the cutting edge technology that’s being produced by various British companies. ‘


‘My second takeaway is the emphasis on events. People, brands and organisations are looking for new solutions, new ways to engage with their fan base. For example the dome technology (CaVRn) that we’ve created has been really successful. People have got tons of content, everyone’s got content, but how are you going to showcase that content? How are you going to bring them in? That’s something I took away, the amount of interesting conversations that we had with people that are looking to leverage us and our technology in order to do that. ‘

New Ideas

‘The third takeaway for me were the little interesting lines or vignettes, whether it was during a coffee break or maybe during a panel session, really interesting stuff. ATP tennis, sending as an organisation, highlights to their players to put out on social media platforms. The ATP have 7 million followers on social, their players have 50 million so it makes total sense.

Intel sports, really ambitious company looking to produce live sporting events in holographic form, on your table in front of you. Really interesting, really ambitious. We’d love to see something like that. We also heard from broadcasters who are using artificial intelligence to create highlights packages based around things like spikes in twitter. So, the five biggest spikes in twitter during a particular match, they’re the five clips they are going to take and show to produce the highlights package. All in all, a really interesting week and we learnt a lot.