Sony recently announced PlayStation VR has sold-through more than 3 million PSVR headsets and 21.9 million PS VR “games and experiences.”
Alex Kunawicz, VP of Strategy says:

3 million is pretty impressive number. PlayStation 4s are selling at about 20 million over 12 months, the VR element ( PSVR ) has been out for almost 2 years. October 2016 was when it launched which shows that there’s a sizeable amount of gamers that are still interested in this. They’ve sold almost 22 million VR games experience which is about  7 or 8 PSVR games for each individual user which is pretty high amount and shows people are willing to spend money and time and are interested in this kind of this technology, which in turn leads to other things. People start playing games this way and then soon they’ll want to consume  different content this way. Obviously PlayStation is one type of headset and it’s a very specific kind of way to access 360 content. But it’s also a great way for people to interact with this type of technology for the first time. Having people access VR through gaming will only serve to benefit the immersive technology world.

Laduma CEO, Ben Smith said:

‘I think it’s really encouraging VR. Clearly everyone knows it’s still a long way to go. There are a lot of other headsets out there selling well, obviously the new Oculus Go, it really feels like a step in the right direction. When you look at the wider smartphone market near 2.5 billion at the moment and that’s another way you can reach people with immersive technology. Whether that be 360 video or augmented reality and I think that while that headset market develops and while the hardware itself becomes more advanced and shrinks in size, there were lots of other ways to engage with audiences and all around the world in a different ways are using smartphones and VR domes as we had really successfully. I think we’ll be seeing more and more growth in the VR headset market in the years to come I think as we see that hardware shrink down into something more akin to a pair of sunglasses that’s when will we see that public tipping point come.