The property market is an interesting beast at the best of times.


Surveys. Negotiations. Mortgages. Oh, and finding a property in the first place.


But what if Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality could offer a way of making the property search easier?


Allow me to explain.


Just a few decades ago, the only way to view a property was to walk into an estate agent’s office, pick a card and try to imagine what your prospective new home looked like inside.


Or, you could wait for the weekly paper and squint at the tiny photos in the centre spread. Then call the estate agent and well, you know the rest.


The Internet changed all that. Countless property search websites mean you can sit and view your dream home from anywhere in the world. But you’re still relying on photographs, or even so-called ‘video tours’.


So the next property search revolution, after the Internet, could be set to arrive with the help of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


The key point here is that VR offers reality to an otherwise intangible situation. The prospective buyer can see, hear and feel as if they’re in their potential new home. 360° views mean there’s nowhere to hide, ensuring the buyer knows what they’re getting.


Something that strategic photography doesn’t offer. And all without the background chatter of an accompanying estate agent.


Some agencies are already offering this service – but in a limited way. Point. Click. Go. That sort of thing. But imagine if you could actually walk into a room, move around and see where your sofa might go?


And this is where it gets interesting.


Combine AR with VR to get Mixed Reality – so as well as seeing where the furniture could go, you can virtually place it there.


Not only that, but AR allows you to design the wallpaper, fit the fridge in that space next to the downstairs cupboard and even find a place for the children’s fish tank.


All from anywhere in the world.


If you’re in the locality, then AR allows you to do exactly that while you’re in the property. Essentially, you’re doing the estate agent’s job for them. Want to know what the living room would look like with pink curtains? Look for yourself.


How about the carpet? Again, make your own mind up.


Then we step outside. The garden is a bit of a mud-bath – after the winter we’ve had in the UK, they all are.


But through the use of MR, any day can be a sunny day. How about decking? A few sun loungers? Even – dare I say it – the sun beating down.


All this applies to any type of property, whether brand new or not. Flats, bedsits, even a really big house in the country.


The key here is that together, AR and VR can help sell the dream to prospective buyers. These technologies are breaking down barriers that traditionally only gave a tiny glimpse of what is, after all, the biggest purchase any of us will ever make.


Here at Laduma, we can develop applications to make sure estate agents can do just that. It’s what we do. We make good ideas become reality.


Sellers get more views, prospective buyers can see their dream take shape and yes, it’s quicker.


All without even looking in an estate agents’ window.