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What is Projection?

Projection brings the ability to make a statement on a large scale, or change and interact with your environment. With 4K projectors (or higher if required, just let us know), you have the ability to produce extremely powerful marketing, experiential and training tools.

As experts in VR projection and AR projection, we can work with you to produce projects that can instantly transform meeting rooms or conference spaces into a world of wonder. We can work alongside you to produce a truly unique projection piece that lasts long in the memory.

Why Projection?

High-quality projection can bring even the smallest of spaces to life. When you accelerate the immersive projection potential by throwing some audience interaction into the mix, then the result is something even more powerful and engaging!

At Laduma, we have the capability not only to project up to 16K versions of 2D and 3D imagery onto ANY surface, but we also have the technology and know-how to allow the audience to interact and manipulate their environment. We’d love to tell you more about how this could work for you in practice.

What it essentially means, is that the possibilities are essentially endless in terms of what, where and how you can use projection to put across your message. Whether you’re launching a product, raising awareness on a project, or training your staff on a key new initiative, immersive projection could be an ideal route for you to do so.

Media Wall

This is an innovative and powerful way to transform a space. We’ve used this 3D projection technology to change rooms in children’s hospitals into safari landscapes and to turn board rooms into sports stadiums. The latter was done as a sales tool by a football team who wanted to impress potential new sponsors and transport them to their home ground without them having to leave their office hundreds of miles away.

Immersive Projection

This could be anything from a 360 projection of a football crowd standing up and cheering when one person in the space raises their hands, to a virtual river on the floor where fish change direction to avoid the feet of those walking through the space. These techniques are at the forefront of this type of technology, so every request we get from a client presents new and unique challenges to be solved.

Projection Mapping

We can project onto any surface or object, to change it or make it come alive with projection. Projection mapping can be done on cubes, cars or even whole buildings. Our secret sauce is that we can add layers of immersion and interaction to the content we create, to provide a truly unforgettable experience.

The VR Process

We will begin by working together to find the best experience that will solve your biggest challenges. Projection can be applied in many different ways and our team of experts can define the best solution.

When the right experience has been decided on, we will create a timeline for the project, making sure there is enough time for any changes you may need before delivery. Each project will have a unique timeframe needed to reach completion.

It’s time to create/edit the content for your experience. Scenes are designed, graphics built and filming done. Collaboration is key at this stage to make sure you are happy with every piece of your experience.

Projection comes in many forms which can require unique structures. Our team have lots of experience whens it comes to building exactly what is needed to make your project a success, no matter how big or small the space

We pride ourselves in providing everything you need to succeed in the projection world. Our team will be on hand to answer any questions and support you along the way.

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