The last 12 months here at Laduma have been the busiest and most exciting yet. We’ve been creating new experiences, developing immersive technology and ultimately providing unique solutions for our clients, across numerous industries around the world.
We recently tasked our latest addition to the US production team, Micah Berman, with creating a new 360° highlight reel. Here are his thoughts about the process and end result.

Welcome to the team Micah! Tell us, how did you approach the mammoth task of creating a new reel for Laduma?

Creating a 360º highlight reel was an exciting challenge to undertake as a new video editor at Laduma. Coming from a 2D frame video editing background, I had to devote some time to wrapping my head around 360º video and familiarizing myself with a different spatial setting and mindset. Once I was comfortable with editing 360º footage – understanding different cuts, masking, parameters, technical aspects – all my previous creative skills from traditional editing kicked in. Beginning with understanding the available footage, conceptualizing a storyline, and determining an end goal, my normal processes integrated well, helping guide me to creating a professional end product.

What do you have to consider when producing 360° highlight reel compared to traditional video?

When creating a 360º video highlight reel, many of the creative aspects are similar to traditional video. Having a specific direction, clean content, and generating an engaging story that draws in the audience remains the same. What changes significantly are the technical aspects one must consider. 360º video is immersive. The audience is viewing an entire scene around them compared to focusing on a flat rectangle of content. Cutting between clips cannot be as rapid, giving the viewer time to digest their surroundings. Transitions need to be more calculated and smooth (you have to imagine that each time you change a scene, you are transporting the viewer from one environment to another). Lastly, being cognizant of fluidity between camera stitch lines is crucial to make sure the image you’re seeing is seamless and enveloping.

Which type of content do you think best lends itself to 360°?

The content that best lends itself to 360º is video that captures surrounding, fluid action. Often times it helps to ground the viewer in one place, allowing them to become immersed in their surrounding environment. By showing content with succinct movement, it helps direct the viewer’s focal point and drive the storyline being told in the film. “Eye-catching” but not overly energetic content is the perfect medium.

Which is your favorite scene in the piece?

My favorite part of the highlight reel is by far the cliff jumper. The clips shows an intriguing third (but almost first) person view of someone jumping off a rock and then plunging into this crazy, electric blue and bubbly water. The video then transitions to a similarly detailed and colored scene of neurons, which makes for a super cool effect.