We asked some of the team in our US office, what changes they think we can expect from the Virtual Reality industry in the near future. Here’s what they said.
Nick Beekhuizen, Production Manager:

‘I think that one of the next steps or the advances that we’re going to see in VR video in particular is a continued increase in image quality. It’s something that has time is going on we’ve scene image quality in terms of camera in the final product being available to us and being available more consumer level I think that elevation in technology is going to bring up the level or threshold at which we see video content is being played in our 360 video.’

James Hay, Producer:

‘You’re probably watching this on Facebook right now or some other social media platform and I feel like VR is making leaps and bounds in the social settings right now it’s a bit of a closed off technology in away but I think you’re going to see that open up you can have experiences where you’ll be able to transport yourself to another environment or a place with a friend on a social platform whether that’s showing off for vacation destination or somewhere you want to go or just simply sitting down and interacting with someone as a social media platform I think you can I see a big explosion in that area of VR.

VR tends to lend itself to experiences that are out of reach for most people; expensive, dangerous etc in and I think that when you’re able to share that with someone in real time to be a pretty special moment.’

Skyler Baird, Lead Producer:

What’s next for Virtual Reality? I think something along the lines of Magic leap one where more people can get a head mounted display on their face but be able to use it for various things in their life. Will that be I never have a physical computer screen in front of me anymore? Perhaps. Because it’s integrated into my eye-wear or whether that will be watching videos, 360 videos. I think that’s the next big thing for VR.

Mike Santiago, VP of Business Development

Some of the technology that magic leap is doing which is essentially taking information and sending it directly to your eyes. Using the sensory capabilities of your eyes and in changing how you view the content that way.  I’d say that would be improving kind of the viewing capability of your experience in Virtual Reality will be the next piece. As well as adding haptics being able to feel and have some sense of sensory experience to the content that you’re watching. It will be more easily and readily available. It will make it much more of that combined mixed reality experience from that standpoint.


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