So here it is. CaVRn is set to change the way we experience Virtual Reality.

But what are the details of Laduma’s latest innovation? How will it revolutionize so many different sectors? The key, they say, is in the detail. Months of grueling – but necessary – detailed design and technology work has gone into CaVRn.

Using short-throw projectors and spatial audio, CaVRn creates a floor to ceiling 360° experience that is more immersive than ever, but can also be shared by groups of up to 20 users at a time making it truly social VR. Let’s not underestimate the effort that went into the design. The short-throw projectors in particular are absolute state of the art pieces of kit.
With a circumference of 22ft, CaVRn certainly has the space. Previous dome-like experiences have simply used primitive overhead projection techniques, giving seated users a limited 180° view. Or just a short 360° strip of film.

Imagine a social Virtual Reality creation within CaVRn that takes users through the full 360° experience – for example, when training a group of medical students. They all get the same view of course, but they’ll take different things from every experience. Then mix in Augmented Reality, so those same students can immerse themselves in the scene, before taking a step further into how – or more importantly why – the surgeon employs the necessary techniques to save a life. Then at the end of the experience, the entire group is that little bit closer to saving a life themselves.

Or, step into the travel and tourism industry. A full 360° experience shows customers nature at its awesome best, even before they book the flight to their destination. The sights, the noise, the experience of a lifetime.

Maybe a group of sports fans are seeing their team play for the first time in CaVRn. They’re located on the other side of the world to their heroes, but CaVRn gives them a truly immersive experience. Not on a flatscreen television, however large that may be. But in a huge space they can share with friends – that shared love of sports is something that bonds fans across the globe.

And those creative prople behind CaVRn are confident of its potential.

Mike Santiago, Vice President of Business Development at Laduma, says: “What better way to show you’re a technology leader than by using high-end forward-thinking technology like Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality to tell a story?”

Nick Beekhuizen, Production Manager at Laduma, says: “CaVRn is great for a trade show. It’s a huge, visually stunning structure. You see it, you’re drawn towards it.”

Jonas Helgren, Chief Technical Officer at Laduma, was instrumental in creating CaVRn. He says: “There are all sorts of AR and VR experiences that can take place inside CaVRN. Because you’re not sitting, it changes the way people can walk around, and change the way they see the content.”

And you know what? They’ve got it spot on. Technology isn’t always and ‘bigger, better, faster, more’. It’s about what works and what will work in the future. Other experiences might be fun, but CaVRn gives people a way to actually fill a definitive business role by using 360° VR and AR.

By creating the CaVRn, Laduma has shown it is investing in what will work – not just now, but in the future.

Yes, here it is – CaVRn is ready to change the way you see the world.