Laduma teamed up with Sure and professional footballer Ross Barkley to capture the Premier League star in 360° action while perfecting his free-kicks at Everton’s training ground. The bespoke 360° piece was produced by Laduma and part of a wider marketing campaign, overseen by Essentially Group, #NeverMoreSure. We spoke with Jack Kenney-Herbert of Essentially group to understand why they chose to incorporate 360° into the campaign. 
What were/are the key objectives of the #NeverMoreSure campaign for Sure?

Without doubt the key objective of the campaign was to land Sure in football through a multi-club partnership (Chelsea, Everton and Southampton). Equally important was to provide Sure with a voice during the numerous high-pressure moments seen throughout a Premier League season.

Why did you decide to incorporate 360° video into the campaign?

360° degree video is undoubtedly the next generation of content and as a result Sure were eager to be involved. The content allowed Sure to bring something different and engaging to their audience and maximise their partnership with Ross Barkley.

Why did you choose to work with Laduma?​

We were really impressed with Laduma’s previous work both in football and across other fields so it was an easy choice. To put it simply, Laduma are the best at what they do.


What was the experience of shooting the film like?

It was very different to any shoot we’ve been on before. For starters, we were standing around 100m away from Ross, and the crew themselves were hiding behind various pieces of branding during filming to enable a genuine 360° experience. Another aspect which stood out was the wealth of equipment on use, from prototype cameras and drones to remote-controlled cars!

What was the response to the content?

The content was extremely well received by all stake holders, the club, client, talent and most importantly the audience.

Would you use 360° again in a campaign?

Certainly, it really is an exciting and innovative way to bring a brand to their audience.