It’s breakdown day. Not a reference to my mental state, but the term used here at MIPCOM to describe the dismantling of all the stands, showcases and booths on the final day of the event.

Last night we were joined by guests from Getty Images and Sony as we had a team dinner on our yacht. The food and company was great, although the post-meal game got rather competitive.

We were split into two teams, each person had to say a fact about themselves which no one else knew. And then the other team had to guess which person the fact was about. It was like the BBC show Would I Lie to You? But without the lies.
Of the ones which I can tell you about, someone on the boat last night has a big fear of ostriches, someone else used to have a neighbour who lived in a tree and another person once spent time in a bathtub of jelly for reasons which I can’t divulge. But I can confirm no one else was in the bath.

It’s the sort of game which helps you to get to know colleagues better, especially the ones who are based on the other side of the Atlantic from you.

Indeed, this trip has allowed us all to get to know all members of our team a lot better, including those we share an office with.

But what it’s also done is help us think slightly differently about our business. The amount of people coming to our booth to ask if we have VR content to sell or licence is incredible. The international market now seems to have a real appetite for all sorts of VR content.

Before I sign off I just wanted to mention Eddie McGuire and his team. We spent some time with them yesterday, a really great group of guys, and they gave us a shoutout on their breakfast radio show in Melbourne.
We’ve done quite well in the media stakes while in Cannes, with pieces and articles for French television, Euronews and various other outlets.

Everyone, it seems, wants to talk about VR.