#MyFirstMIP – Day 3
By Alex Kunawicz

I’m now past the halfway point of my first MIPCOM experience, day 3! Another breakfast our yacht followed by talking to our Executive Chairman and CEO about the myriad of projects which we have on the go.

It’s amazing, when we meet in the morning, how much things have moved on from the night before. While asleep all three of us received great emails – offers to appear on industry panels, huge brands interested in finding out more about us and major sports leagues wanting to work with us.


This type of thing is happening on a regular basis for us at the moment, which is great news.

Yesterday, after a slow start to the event in general, the Laduma booth was home to an enormous variety of delegates:
– Animators from Nigeria making a children’s series
– A guy from Georgia who didn’t have an interest in VR until he watched our content, and now wants to work with us
– Audio specialists from Buenos Aires
– People wanting an eSports event filmed in Poland.
– Very smart people from Paris working on high-end graphics projects
– A lady who funds movies in Australia
– Others from Canada looking to bring the arts and the Olympic movement together

These examples are just a small spectrum of conversations we’ve had, and highlights the areas of the media business, and beyond, which VR is seeping into.

We also went to see Russia Today talk about their investment in VR, and to watch some of their work around the Ukraine and Syria. It was a very powerful content. Their commitment to telling stories in this medium is really impressive, and I’m not sure there’s a news organisation who can match what they are doing in this space at the moment. One of their staff referred to it as “honest storytelling” as there is no hiding behind the camera in 360° virtual reality.


Away from the venue, the yachts which our terrace overlooks are a constant hive of activity. Some of them cost over $110,000 a week to hire (yes, we’ve checked). Owning one appears to be akin to the painting the Golden Gate Bridge, with staff continually washing and cleaning to keep them pristine white in the sun.
Although my favourite is still the wooden sail boat that nestles in between, it’s enormous mast towering over the other beautiful behemoths.