So the moment has arrived. Morning on Day One of this year’s MIPCOM.
The Laduma booth is open for business, day 1 ! Showing off our latest 3D 360° virtual reality (Come and find us at R7 N5). Sunday was spent making final preparations.

We picked up our passes while it was still quiet (perhaps the most sensible thing I’ll do all week having seen the queues this morning) and walked around the site, while enormous structures and buildings were in various states of completion. Some of those guys would’ve worked through the night to get things all ready for today.
And some of the numbers I heard are mind-blowing – companies bringing over almost 200 sales staff, or spending $3- $6m on a building they will use for a week, but do deals which are many multiples of this. For them, it’s definitely money well spent.

We also finalised our plans for how the booth, terrace and yacht would be staffed, and made sure all our headsets were in full working order with our latest showreel on.
The content on this latest reel will be the first time we’ve shown shots of our African safari. Elephants, cheetahs and lions all feature, and they are simply stunning.
Getting up-close-and-personal with a wild animal doesn’t cover it.
Also featured is our work with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Wimbledon and LA Galaxy. And it’s some of our sports content which our CEO Ben Smith will be showcasing as part of a panel about Best in Class VR at 3pm today (Monday).
Our booth itself is a sea of orange and blue, and highlights our work in the areas of sports, entertainment and wildlife.
We have a trio of very cool egg chairs where people can spin around to enjoy a 360°-view of our content. They can then step outside for a drink on the terrace overlooking the marina. It’s a very spectacular view.
We’ve already had people contact us through social media about finding out more about us both here at MIP and at Sportel in Monaco next week. It feels like, as a company, we are really building momentum.

But there is another factor which may influence the mood of our team.
As the only Manchester United among several Liverpool supporters, the first day of my first MIP could end in triumph or despair, no matter how many deals we close.
The emotions of one of the most intense rivalries in world football – born in the north-west of England, played out along the coastline of Cannes.

So, that was the end of day 1 , come back tomorrow to hear about day 2.