For many people, Augmented Reality is a brand new concept, one which they have not had the opportunity to experience. As a result of this, there are some myths and misconceptions surrounding the technology and its uses. We thought we’d ask some of our team what they find are the most common misconceptions from their experiences.


Tommy Pickersgill our Lead Developer said , “A common misconception of Augmented Reality is that it’s just for gaming. But it’s not just for gaming. There are so many uses out there. Ikea have got an app out there, where people can augment items into their living room before they have purchased them… It’s open to anything, really. People forget that it’s connected to a phone and connected to the Internet, so it could be live data, or an interactive object. It could be anything.”


Mike Santiago, our VP of Business Development said. “People think someone has to have some sort of winning or losing, or component of playing. But it can be an educational platform, it can be a training tool. There’s a lot of experiences that maybe the general public haven’t seen, especially in B2B scenarios, that are just as powerful and just as useful.”


Ben Smith, CEO of Laduma said “I think the biggest misconception around augmented reality is that it’s something that’s going to happen way off into the future and it’s some future tech that will eventually come around. That’s not the case. Already, we’re seeing the likes of Apple and Google throwing everything at this technology. We’ve seen huge success already with AR through Pokemon Go and the word we’re doing suggests it is something that’s happening right now.


“Don’t wait. Don’t hope that it’s something that might happen in the future that you can get involved in. Star exploring how you can use it now, because now is where the audience is growing.”