Third day of MIPTV 2017 was another successful day. Our CEO Ben Smith gave the opening talk at the immersive content leadership summit at the Majestic hotel. It was great morning which brought together the leaders in the industry.

There were some fantastic talks throughout the day. Our team particularly enjoyed the talk by PlayStation VR: Bringing Immersive Entertainment into the Home. Simon Benson the Director at Immersive Technology Group at Sony, explained the PlayStation Virtual Reality system and how it has created a new opportunity to deliver a wide range of immersive entertainment experiences into the heart of homes across the globe. He showed examples of the new media of VR content, covering gaming, movies, drama and music and explains the options available to deliver content to the PlayStation platform.


Another enjoyable experience for us was discovering a company called Wondermedia, who had a live animated Donald Trump interviewing people as they walked past. It’s difficult to describe, however check out when a member of our team, Kelly, was interviewed on Facebook LIVE

We can’t wait for another day of MIPTV 2017.