Laduma has a new president, Dan Rutstein, we asked him some questions about his new career with us, where he was before Laduma and where he hopes to take the company in the future.

What was your last job?

This is my third career. First time around I was a news reporter and then I became a sports reporter. Then I had the great pleasure of joining the British government where it was an enormous honour to be a diplomat for 8 years serving in Germany and then Los Angeles. So, my last role was Regional Director with the Department for International trade wh

Dan Rutstein Photo
President at Laduma

ich is the commercial arm of the British foreign office and my job role was to help grow the British economy by increasing exports and increasing foreign investment into the UK. A fascinating job and I’m proud to have done it for so long.

What attracted you to Laduma?

When was looking what next to do in my career I knew that I wanted to work for a company with inspiring leadership and innovative products, in a fascinating sector. But also, somewhere with a really strong corporate culture. Somewhere I’d be proud to work and be able to work alongside happy colleagues. Laduma ticked all of those boxes. The leadership is inspiring, the vision of the company and what we’re trying to achieve. I’m proud to be part of it, in terms of the products we’ve got. Whether it’s the VR Dome that we’ve built, we are right on the cutting edge, we’ve got some extraordinary products which our clients love and I’m pleased to be part of a company that’s making those sorts of things with many more to come. Laduma is a company that cares. There is real heart to the centre of this company, for example we spend a lot of time doing charity work. There are strong values at the centre of the company that guide everything we do and I’m pleased to be part of such a happy motivated team. Laduma really was where I wanted to be.

What does your new role entail?

The term president is an interesting one at the moment in America but my role here it’s an interesting when I say it’s half and half internal and external. Internally I work on government’s corporate communications structure. When you’ve had the British taxpayer as a person who you ultimately answer to, that really is a high bar so that really helps when you need to worry about government. Then externally, and sometimes, effectively I might think in some ways I am the Ambassador role that I never quite did in government so I’m a brand ambassador for the company building the business through partnerships through winning new clients and being the face of a company to a certain extent over here in the US.

What can people expect to see from Laduma over the next few months?

It’s a really exciting time for the company. We work on technology that neither they nor we thought were possible when we start a project. We come up with the right solution and that is going to continue so as we build out the business. We’re not just a VR company, not just an AR company. We’re always looking at whatever the immersive tech solutions are to solve the customer’s problem. We turn their uncertainty into realities. Over the next few months we will have new products, will try new technologies that we don’t think possible at the beginning of process to the time we deliver them for the client. We will realise new skills and new techniques that hopefully can change the industry.