There’s been a very big development in the world of Augmented Reality where Magic Leap are making a move into the mobile AR World.

The Florida-based company raised billions in investment before the much-hyped launch of their Magic Leap One headset last year .

But this move now signals they are looking for a far larger audience and reach.

This is of interest to Laduma as we’ve been operating in the mobile AR space for some time – helping a variety of clients stand out from the crowd and engage with their clients and customers in a different way.

Laduma’s VP of Strategy Alex Kunawicz said: “It’s no surprise to see other companies gravitating towards mobile AR. It’s an area where we’ve been able to have real success as a business.

“It’s allowed us, and our clients, to innovate and reach whole new audiences. Accessibility is key to allow people to embrace new technology and make it a part of their everyday lives.”

Tech Crunch reported this week that AR (mobile and smart-glasses) could be worth “$70 billion to $75 billion revenue by 2023”.

They added that: “Mobile AR delivered 2 percent higher revenue than we forecast for 2018 at over $3 billion globally, driven by app store revenues, ad spend and e-commerce sales”.

After years of secretive development, and a huge amount of hype about its design, holographic imaging and innovative capabilities, Magic Leap’s headset is available to buy in only in a handful of American cities, via the Magic Leap website.

Very few people have had the chance to try out the hotly anticipated Magic Leap One goggle-based headset – priced at $2,295 (about £1,700).

And this could well be why the company has taken the decision to step into the mobile AR market – which has a far larger reach.

Variety reported that the company is currently looking to hire a senior software engineer for mobile AR who will be tasked with “expanding Magic Leap’s platform to mobile devices.”

The job listing describes the duties of the company’s future mobile AR engineer:

“In this role, you will help build a cross-platform framework that enables large scale shared AR experiences between mobile devices (iOS, Android) and Magic Leap devices. Your work will include implementing high-performance, production quality AR and computer vision algorithms, and designing and building the Magic Leap mobile SDK.”

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