1. The world is here. We met people from 23 countries and 5 continents today at our booth, terrace and yacht. Some who knew nothing about VR, others who knew lots. People who were interested in just the production side, or the technical side. But all wanted to know more about what we do. And we’ll definitely be working with more than a few of them going forward.


2. Our CEO Ben Smith put in a fantastic performance at his panel about Best in Class virtual reality content. He was full of great industry insight and advice.
We also got a hearty round of applause for our showreel, copious visits to our booth after the talk, and a lot of love for the Laduma mints we gave out to delegates as they left the auditorium.

3. We’ve been making waves on social media too – from our VP of Strategy Alex Kunawicz’s daily updates on how he’s finding his first MIPCOM (#MyFirstMIP), to others quoting and praising Ben for his panel performance. But our favourite messages were from those who took time to send us a note about how much they loved spending time with us.

4. We also got some great press in the day one of MIPCOM News, with some quotes from Ben talking about our company and the state of the VR industry.

5. All the talk about Liverpool v Manchester United. We lost count of the number of people who asked us for thoughts and predictions about tonight’s big game in the English Premier League. In some ways it was very similar conversation to the sort of stuff that takes place in our Liverpool office. But how will our one United fan in Cannes be feeling in the morning?

6. Cars and trucks covered in cartoons are all over the marina. Just a shame there aren’t many kids here to enjoy them. At least the adults can appreciate the South Park one.

7. Throwing our small, branded footballs off our terrace to children (and some rather excited adults) who were walking by was a lot of fun. We’ll have more tomorrow!


8. And last but not least, and showing the value of good preparation, our branded umbrellas proved to be our most popular giveaway. In the morning it was our sunglasses that everyone wanted! It’s not just in England where the weather is a major talking point. Again, we’ll be giving them away throughout the week, depending on the conditions.

Disclaimer: This piece was written BEFORE the opening night party, so could be subject to alteration and amendment.
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