Orange is the new black: Our sunglasses went down a storm as the sun shone throughout most the second day. They were especially popular outside by the large movie studios. Perfect for helping you read the small print in the bright daytime light of Cannes.

You’re never far from home: We had great conversations with two businesses close to where we are based – an AR company in Salford, England, who are 30 miles our Liverpool base. Their office is in Media City where our CEO Ben Smith and VP of Strategy Alex Kunawicz used to work for BBC Sport. And we met a media tech company from Salt Lake City, which is also the headquarters of our North American operation. Always great to hear a familiar accent when you are away from home.

A quiet start: We’re not sure whether people overslept after being bored to an early night by Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United, or if one or two were still recovering from the excesses of the opening night parties, but we had a rather sedate early morning in our booth, yacht and terrace. Things did pick up though and we had some really interesting conversations with people from the likes of Canada, France, Argentina, Nigeria and Georgia.

Laduma says No: We’ve had some delegates trying to make a swift exit down the side of our booth, across our terrace and down the steps to the water. Sorry guys, we don’t mind you exiting that way but you’ve got to come through our booth and enjoy out VR first! Hence the introduction of this helpful barrier.

Land of the free: Our VP of Marketing Lauren Reynolds is leading the way in terms of getting best swag from other companies and booths. A Star Trek hat and camera lens for her phone. The bar has been set, but it’s definitely not insurmountable.

Phone a friend: And speaking of free stuff, we gave away our first prize pack today – which included a Samsung Galaxy phone (containing Laduma VR content) and a Gear VR headset. Enjoy Christopher! And we have more contests to come over the next two days.