Award winning Immersive tech company team with Lythgoe Family Panto to add a little more magic to the Panto experience.

Laduma is proud to partner with Lythgoe Family Panto to produce a “magic mirror” for their touring production. Award-winning immersive tech company Laduma have created an Augmented Reality mirror that allows theatre-goers to take photos standing next to their favorite fairytale princesses. This is the first-time technology like this has been used alongside a Panto and has already proven a massive hit with the theatre-goers.

Laduma prides themselves on creating immersive experiences for all their clients and this mirror installation for Lythgoe Family Panto is just one example of the great work being done all over the world. President, Dan Rutstien, said “It’s a real delight to be working with the Lythgoe Family Panto team. I’ve been to their shows the past 5 years and my children and I have enjoyed the magic of the theatre.
And I’m pleased that Laduma can sprinkle a little more magic by bringing our immersive princess experience to their audience.
Panto is all about an interactive theatrical experience for the next generation of theater goers and we’re glad our technology is adding an extra layer to that interactivity.”

Each pantomime show from Pasadena to Nashville has their own magic mirror with many fairytale princesses to choose from. Once the photo is taken, it gets a digital photo frame with Lythgoe Family Panto and sponsor branding. It then gets sent, via text, to the user’s phone.

Lythgoe Family Panto is always looking for new and exciting things to bring to their audience each year. Talking about their partnership with Laduma, Executive Producer Kris Lythgoe added, “It’s an honor to work with a company at the forefront of technology like Laduma. I believe theatre should always offer the latest technology and be pioneering technology for the future. Our new partners at Laduma are making that happen.”


Lythgoe Family Panto currently have dates in Pasadena, California; Laguna Beach, California; Nashville, Tennessee; and just completed a holiday run this past Sunday in Raleigh, North Carolina. For further information including dates and where to buy your tickets visit here.

The experience is completely user friendly and can be adapted for any event whether it be a commercial or corporate experience. If you would you like to talk about having a magic mirror at your event call us on +44 (0)151 370 0098 (UK) or +1 801 447 6860 (US) today.