Immersive technology company Laduma has created an interactive experience for tech giant Microsoft.
The experience is currently on display at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. The experience uses immersive projection to showcase how the company’s technology is being used across a variety of industries.


Laduma’s immersive projection leverages 4K projectors to create 2D and 3D imagery onto a variety of surfaces, with technology that allows the audience to interact and engage with industry stories like never before.


The event brings together thousands of attendees for over 200 sessions in which leaders from across industries will discuss the latest innovations from Microsoft’s business applications.

Dan Rutstein, President of Laduma, said: “I’m pleased that Laduma’s immersive work is on display here at a Microsoft event – a company known for its leadership in innovation. We are a storytelling company and we’re proud to be using our technology to tell Microsoft’s stories about their work across a range of industries at this important and high profile event.”
Keynote speakers of the event include Alysa Taylor, Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Business Applications and Global Industry Marketing, as well as Alexis Ohanian, managing partner and co-founder of Initialized Capital and co-founder of Reddit.