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Wearing a VR headset or goggles may be the most notable immersive experience for many, but here at Laduma we are able to offer a range of further options with regards to immersive technology, especially in terms of how it can be used within a business setting. We have the potential to convert entire rooms into immersive surroundings, such as using our 360° immersive dome, known as The CaVRn!

We are taking immersive technology to its very limits – and beyond – and pride ourselves on just how innovative we can be, after being recognised as the best immersive technology company in Liverpool and one of the best in the North West of England. You’re welcome to join us on this journey by finding out what we can offer your company.

What is Immersive Technology?

Immersive Technology well and truly captivates the user by artificially replicating the users’ surroundings with incredibly realistic scenarios, using virtual reality, augmented reality and other immersive technologies. The scenarios that we are able to create are staggering even in this modern day and age, you’ll need to pinch yourself to check you’re not dreaming. 

Immersive Technology is the use of modern tech that takes life to the next level, with 360-degree action and cutting-edge graphics, it can make the user laugh, scream or jump out of their skin; it’s all dependent on the purpose! Not only this, but it is able to act on all of the user’s senses at the same time, giving off the perception that they have not left reality, but entered a new one.

How can Immersive Technology be used?

The beauty of immersive technology is just how versatile it can be. There are endless ways we can tailor your immersive experience in order to suit your exact needs. Whether it be to boost a new product or service, or transform a conference exhibit.

A good example of how we have previously used our services for a company was for Intermountain Healthcare and College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHiME) when we completely transformed their conference room by installing interactive projectors all around the room.

We looked at features such as layered video content, the ability to ‘write’ on the walls and a feature that is ideal for the world we live in today, multiple video conference calls giving off the perception that multiple people from across the world are present in your conference room live with you.

We were asked to film Edwards LifeSciences’ Sapien 3 heart valve surgery in 360 degree and HD so they could then show the benefits of this ground-breaking surgery to the medical world, in immersive style.

Here at Laduma, we have the privilege of being able to say that our services can be transferred across any industry or profession. Our services can be adapted and changed to suit whatever you may need them for and that is why every company, everywhere needs to take the leap into the 21st Century and use immersive technology (even if we do say so ourselves).

So, why should you use Immersive Technology?

Using immersive technology shows you mean business and the range of media benefits are endless. To begin with, you’re able to portray your product or service, B2B or to whomever it may concern, with unbelievable ease and clarity, potentially gaining new business or new investors for your company.

You are also able to do state-of-art presentations internally, keeping all of your employees fully up to date and in the know with your companies’ goals and targets. Whether you’re using it to host an event, transfer knowledge, or entertain an audience, our technology is certainly a crowd-pleaser.

We love to push the boundari es of immersive technology and that’s exactly what we’re doing with our outstanding immersive capabilities. If you’re forward thinking like ourselves, then you’ll no doubt see what immersive tech is able to do for you and your company. 

To get in touch and find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact our team by phone on +44 (0)151 370 0098 or by email on info@thinkladuma.com and we’d love to talk you through our range of products and solutions.

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