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Laduma is no stranger to producing fantastic immersive tech experiences for clients across the sports world. From the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL to the England Women’s Hockey team, Laduma loves sports; but how exactly can immersive tech enhance a fan’s experience of the game itself?

Well, to get a fuller view, let’s look at three of the world’s biggest sports and the ways in which immersive tech is changing the landscape in each of then in unique ways.


Immersive Tech and the NBA

The NBA is certainly no stranger to the immersive scene, with both AR and VR apps being well utilized by the league. The NBA funnel is a simple but effective one: tiered content.

If you have a compatible VR headset (of which many are) you can access NBA content for free. This content includes anything from highlights to fully-immersive courtside replays of games, depending on the device used.

However, in order to watch the games live and access even more exclusive content, you need to move to the paid-pass model. Giving so much content away free creates the idea of a good deal, as despite the rewatchability being limited, the perceived value of getting so much free VR content encourages the viewer to move into the paid model as loyalty builds.

This marketing and sales funnel is a take on the free-trial campaign, which also has very good success rates in almost all industries. However, the added bonus of new and exciting technology makes the potential value for NBA fans even greater.

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Immersive Tech and the NFL

We’re no strangers to the NFL. In fact, we’ve worked alongside the NFL to bring a spectacular fan experience to UK fans, as well as working directly with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Denver Broncos. So, you could say we’re pretty experienced when it comes to giving NFL fans what they want!

One of our main focuses while working with NFL teams was how to deliver engaging experiences for audiences worldwide. Here at Laduma, we’re an international company with offices all over the world, but we’re also a family, so finding a way for us all to engage with our favourite sports and help them engage a worldwide fanbase was always an important endeavor. Making this the perfect fit.

So, what exactly did we do with the NFL? Well, we did two things primarily.

First of all, we hosted a fan experience event on Regents Street for the NFL street party where over 3,500 people queued to watch our stunning VR experience following the journey of the Jacksonville Jaguars. We then also created 360 fully immersive VR content for the Denver Broncos’ own app.

Both of them were really well received by the UK’s NFL fans, who are known as a highly educated sports crowd who were really excited to engage with various facets of the sport they love in a new and highly immersive way. We’re excited to see what NFL project we get to work on next!

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Immersive Tech and the Premier League

In our previous examples looking at the United States, we see the adaptation of immersive technology in a whole host of sports, all being used for essentially the same thing. Marketing. Virtual Reality (VR) is a fantastic marketing tool and makes for some special fan events. A VR event is always a talking point.

However, when you look back over the Premier League and how they’re utilizing the latest technology, it’s clear that marketing is on the back burner in favour of a different primary aim. The Premier League are taking the technology of the future and using it as an invaluable training tool. Using VR – and a clever algorithm – you can give a numerical value to everything from the power of your shots, to your reflexes. This gives tangible targets. If you’re 60/100 and you want to be 65, there is a tangible goal to your training; not just the vague notion of ‘improving your game’.

In fact, using the software means clubs can implement personalised training plans for each player, working on their weakest points and bringing out their biggest assets and it’s all based on data and facts. But VR has more serious implications in this setting too. The technology has the ability to spot potential concussions by tracking eye movement in ways medical staff currently can’t.

In fact, Championship team Hull are already using the technology for exactly that reason, and with a growing awareness of the impact of concussions, it would not be surprising to see many other teams follow suit with looking to use VR to protect their players’ wellbeing as well as hone their skills.

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Planning your own VR or AR sports project

If you would like more information about our fantastic VR products and how we can help you with your company’s VR marketing needs, whether in a sports domain or elsewhere, then why not talk to us?

You can give us a message with our live chat function, or jump to our contact form and let us know your requirements. We’d be happy to discuss exactly what you’re looking for and find the ideal solution.

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