Laduma created a unique experience for Intermountain Healthcare to showcase their immersive projection at leading medical conference HIMSS. We spoke with Mike Santiago VP of Business development at Laduma and Jonas Helgren Laduma’s Chief Technical Officer to find out how the companies devised and brought the concept to life.

M: Intermountain, part of what their focus is, is to improve patient healthcare by implementing the latest in technology. We’re a great partner for them because we essentially help their messaging by implementing our technology in how we tell stories and how we bring technology to help explain what a company like Intermountain does.

Intermountain’s objective from a HIMSS standpoint was to create a buzz. A booth that is completely different than anything else you’d see. They thought, ‘wouldn’t it be cool to have a rest-place?’ Somewhere you could go and relax, take a break from the chaos that a trades how like HIMSS usually brings. We thought that was an interesting challenge, not only to create that type of environment but do so in a way that was technically very new and innovative and marry those two components together within the booth.

J: Once we’d settled on the design and the concept of what we wanted to create, we had to figure out which technologies would fit and actually meet the client expectations. We ended up settling on projection, because it has a different effect that people don’t necessarily expect from a TV wall. Naturally, when you turn the projectors off, the wall is is blank. There’s no light coming from it. So bring it to life with projection really creates a magic that was we were hoping to achieve and I think we definitely achieve that. People are really impressed with the way this works.

M: The overall response and reaction has been very positive. It’s been a combination of , ‘How do you do this? This whole thing, everything is screens, how you make this work?’ and  ‘Why? Why do you have a forest scene?’  That is always an exciting conversation because that’s exactly what Intermountain wanted; to have a conversation that started with ‘Why?’ and people to be drawn in that maybe wouldn’t normally, that is the beauty of immersive projection.

There are different areas in different zones that we can control our whether it be depth sensing cameras or different light reflections. We can use those to trigger different animations inside of the scene. One of the most amazing pieces of his whole booth is the  the fact that it’s completely rendered live. So we don’t have to play a video or trigger some sort of a playback mechanism in there, so we have one hundred percent interactive components with every single aspect of the booth.


J: The content that we had created allowed people to come up and take selfies with it. We hadn’t planned for that social experience to be really integrated. But, naturally it’s already happening. We didn’t have a sign that said ‘hey take a selfie with the bear!’ but people were naturally like ‘this is awesome, this is amazing!’ taking a picture of a landscapes or of the RV. There’s all sorts of aspects that we hadn’t necessarily planned for and have really driven up the social media experience.

M: The best part of our relationship with a company like Intermountain, is they push us to create new technologies and new experiences and not rest on our laurels from a technology standpoint. They’re a very technically aware and smart company. It pushes us to achieve something that hasn’t been done. We feel like this exhibit with the immersive projection is a testament to that.

J: The technology that we’ve developed and the software allows it to implement this technology and experience in many other aspects than just a trade-show experience. So, whether it be in conference rooms or a waiting room. Some the conversations we’ve had around specifically around the medical field, have been with Alzheimer centers or pain management areas where you can take very relaxing content and dynamically create experiences that people can respond to. And then change those experiences, without having to re-design your entire configuration or buy new technology. You can easily change the content of this type of a setup.

M: What makes us unique is we package different components of very smart technology together for our clients. We use it in a way that is completely innovative. If we can do that with Intermountain over and over again we are confident we can bring new experiences for clients all around the world.