The last week here at Laduma has been a mix of sporting action, chats with our software experts about National Coding Week and debate about the use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in PR and communication strategies.


Nothing stands still here at Laduma, that’s for sure – so let’s take a look at how the previous seven days shaped up.


On Monday September 17th, we looked back at an incredible and inspiring AMatchForCancer event, including interviews with Jurgen Klopp, Brendan Rogers and James Milner.
The next day we celebrated National Coding Week by asking our talented developer Simone about his favourite superhero (well, why not?) before discussing his route into the world of software development.
Then we spoke with the equally talented (some would say genius) Chief Technical Officer Jonas Helgren about his passion for tech – and how he became a leading software developer.
Finally, it was the turn of our equally talented, some might say legendary Lead Developer Tommy Pickersgill to take his place in front of the cameras. He told us how he caught the tech bug and became a top software expert. He also gave his recommendations for people interested in becoming a developer.
And our Marketing Manager Kelly Forshaw rounded off the week with a panel discussion about how tech labels could be holding the immersive industry back. Read more about what came out of that discussion here.

“Bin the labels and let’s start talking about immersive technology instead” was the opinion of Mashbo’s Gavin, supported by the rest of the panel, including Kelly from Laduma who highlighted that knowing exactly what tech you want to use isn’t the most important thing that PRs commissioning tech agencies should know.“It’s far more important that you know what you want out if the tech. What you want it to achieve,” she said. “That way we can advise the best route to take, even if that means telling you immersive technology isn’t right for you.”