The festive season is an important time in any business’ yearly calendar. Christmas is a fantastic opportunities to bring staff together, promote brand awareness and improve company culture. That is why we are giving you three ways to enhance your holiday experience with the use of Augmented Reality.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Positive office culture is an extremely important aspect of a successful company. The stats back this up. According to Forbes, companies with strong cultures saw a 4x increase in revenue growth, whilst Glassdoor noted that being named a Best Place to Work leads to a ±0.75% stock jump.

Office parties and events can be a way for everyone to unwind, relax and have a good time. But people are used to the same old parlor games and yearly traditions.

With the use of Augmented reality, Laduma can make your party more original and memorable.

We use AR to enhance your traditional scavenger hunt. Interactive characters pop up on screen. Find them all to win a prize. Laduma’s creative team can create completely customizable interactive characters, such as Father Christmas, Ms Claus or even a giant turkey.

Leaderboards then store data on your tablet, so you can get competitive and determine an overall winner.

Laduma AR character

2. Filters

Go one step beyond your favorite Snapchat or Instaragm filters and customise your own images, perfectly suited for the Christmas period. These are a fun way for your brand to interact with your target audience. They provide an easily sharable experience and again are completely customizable depending on your preferences.

 The filters can include personalized hashtags to promote your brand. Employees and customers can easily access these filters instantly from their phones and post them on their social media pages, leading to exterior intrigue and organic growth for your brand, limiting the necessity for targeted adds or other money driven methods.

Ar Reindeer Filters

3. Mirrors

This is the next level of sharable experience for your customers. Rather than a selfie, the AR Mirror acts as a full-size, fully immersive interactive experience. Your audience can interact with different characters, such as their favourite football player or movie star and seeing this icon standing next to them in a mirror image, feel as though they are in the same room.

They will then come away with a souvenir photograph to keep as a memento. This use of Augmented Reality is highly realistic and accurate in its creation of your chosen character, making it the ideal centrepiece for getting customers and colleagues engaged with the Christmas season and feeling festive in no time.

Tommy Mirror Render 002