Events & Attractions

Everything you need to succeed in the events world.

What are Events & Attractions?

Events and attractions are the best way to give a hands-on experience with immersive technology. Our team are experts in delivering fun, energetic and successful activations that fill your every need and engage and enthuse customers and clients alike.

Why Events & Attractions?

Taking your brand out to market is a huge challenge but our experienced events team have a hard-earned reputation of always going above and beyond to deliver the perfect experience.

AR Mirror

Our Augmented Reality Mirror brings the opportunity to interact with any character in a setting of your choice. Have them dance, sing or pose for the perfect picture and then share it to social media for everyone to see. We can create characters to your exact specification, and make them as detailed as you wish.

Media Wall

This is an innovative and powerful way to transform a space. We’ve used this 3D projection technology to change rooms in children’s hospitals into safari landscapes and to turn board rooms into sports stadiums. The latter was done as a sales tool by a football team who wanted to impress potential new sponsors and transport them to their home ground without them having to leave their office hundreds of miles away.

Event Branding

When it comes to branding for events, we’ve done it all. Vinyl stickers, pop up banners, full booths and all the design services are done it house to complement the content we create. We can use existing style guides or create something from scratch to meet your specifications.

Trade Show Booths

When it comes to trade shows, we can do the lot. From stand concept and branding, to content delivery and all the tech needed, we can provide all of this and more. We have vast experience of displaying at shows around the globe – both for ourselves and on behalf of others. Our contacts book is thick with stand builders and technical service and hardware providers.

Hardware Rental

We have a host of options when it comes to renting or selling hardware for events and activations. VR headsets, branded egg chairs for VR viewing and iPads and phones for accessing AR content are just some of the items we provide. There is also the option of long-term lease agreements where we service and upgrade the products when required.

Event Staff

Our staff not only know how to use immersive technology and show immersive content, but they are exceptional when it comes to being public facing. They have experience at working at busy live events, organising large crowds and engaging with the public about the content which is on display. We are also happy for our staff to wear your branding and represent your company, as they have done in the past to great success for the likes of Intermountain Healthcare.

The Events Process

Every event has a different objective. Whether it’s to get people eyes on your brand or to ignite a behaviour change, we can help. Defining your goals at the start is crucial.

We will work with you to create a timeline that works for everyone and gives us the best chance to succeed. Tight deadlines aren’t a problem either, we always deliver.

We are well-versed in sourcing every detail and delivering great events. From small branding elements and lighting to furniture rentals and tech hardware, we can do it all.

Our team can handle all the set up – from the tech to the layout of the whole floor. We understand how vital a correct this period is in creating the foundation for the event.

A successful event hangs on how it’s delivered to the audience. Our team are experts in giving the best experience to customers and their consumers.

Our Clients

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