Hockey fans attending this summer’s highly-anticipated Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup will have the chance to experience the sport in a completely new way. This is thanks to a partnership between England Hockey and Laduma. They will become the Official Immersive Technology Supporter.


Laduma is an award-winning immersive tech consultancy who specialise in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. This cutting-edge technology has been used across a variety of sports including the NFL, NBA, Wimbledon, The Open, Everton and LA Galaxy. Through their content and activations, Laduma have helped enhance the experience of hundreds of thousands of sports fans.


By partnering with England Hockey, Laduma have created a 360° virtual reality video that takes the viewer onto the pitch with four of the sport’s biggest stars. Fans will learn first-hand how the world’s best hockey players score and save penalties, and how they cope under the pressure when the spotlight is burning the brightest.


This will be launched at the Hockey Museum in Fan Central at the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup this summer in London. Visitor’s will be immersed in this cutting-edge experience.


Laduma will support the England team as it explores how VR/AR/360 can improve the relationship with fans and the sport. This partnership has been developed to bring hockey into the 21st century exploring new technologies within the game.

Ben Smith, CEO of Laduma, said: “We are delighted to have been able to partner with a leading sports organisation like England Hockey. This 360° experience encapsulates exactly what it’s like to face or take a penalty against a world-class opponent. You feel like you are right there on the pitch, with the ball whizzing past you. It has to be seen to be believed. You’ll never watch the game the same way again after you’ve seen this”


Jon Cockcroft, Commercial Director of England Hockey, added: “It is fantastic to be in partnership with such an innovative and leading company in their field. We strive to always create the best experience for fans. This will certainly give them a unique view of how the sport is played at the highest level. As well as a great interactive concept we hope this will also inspire the next generation of talented players”.


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