Dan Rutstein, Laduma President was invited to be guest of the hugely popular Business Leaders podcast. The podcast hears from the world’s top CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs and delves into how they challenge the status quo, turn companies around and build some of the world’s most innovative businesses.
Here’s what Dan had to say following his one-to-one interview with host Paul Blanchard:

“Immersive technology is like acai or kale.” I’m not sure whether to class this as a highlight or a lowlight of my first podcast interview since joining Laduma.

My point was that our immersive technology may not be well understood, or people may not even have heard of it, but everyone should want it because it’s good for them.
If you take the time to listen to the Business Leaders podcast you’ll learn a bit about Laduma’s needs analysis process and how we will apply whatever tech is necessary to solve our clients’ problems, not just whatever is best for us. Including developing new technologies and new uses for it.
But you’ll also hear about the work of the British Government, the importance of transatlantic commercial relationships and how people in LA are very fickle – who’d have thought?
Sitting down with Paul Blanchard was a lot of fun and a real trip down memory lane. When we met I was a journalist on a local paper and he was a local politician.
I’m now president of a tech company by way of the British Diplomatic service and he had transformed himself even more dramatically – now a published, pr guru, with two podcasts and an incredible client list.
He’s also a fantastic podcast host – it was a pleasure and an honour to be on there.
It’s worth a listen – by the end you might even want some of Laduma’s award-winning solutions. Or some acai.

Listen to the Business Leaders podcast now here:  https://www.businessleaders.fm/danrutstein