Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Content Company Laduma expects the industry to be led by creative content in the future.

Laduma CEO Ben Smith has told how finding the right content for audiences is crucial to the future success of augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

The groundbreaking technology company is exhibiting at MIPCOM in Cannes this week, the world’s largest market for entertainment content.

As part of that event, Laduma hosted a panel of industry experts that included Wayne Scholes, Executive Producer of hit travel show Photo Number 6.

During the seminar, Ben Smith described how the future of the industry is still being guided by creative content.

He said: “We all have to find a way of driving the industry forwards at a time when we are still building it and helping to create it. There is a vast audience out there, so the key is finding it and catering for it.

“Content has a huge role in the marketplace. It is about establishing the right content and understanding what people want to see. Having the audience in mind is so important and it is no different to traditional entertainment and movies.

“The right content, created in the right way, will always find the right audience and sometimes, there is already an established audience. Take Pokemon Go and AR, where there was an audience already there, a fandom, waiting for the right kind of content for the creative future.”

Tuesday’s panel – held at the famous Palais des Festivals – saw Laduma Vice President of Strategy Alex Kunawicz explain how social media is also affecting the future of AR, VR and MR.

He said: “The numbers for 360° content on Facebook for example, are huge. Compared to 2016, views of photos are now up seven-fold, videos are up four-fold and there’s over half a billion people watching this kind of content.

“The right kind of headset and content will definitely work. We have seen as a company, working with entertainment brands, that headset content obviously offers the most real, immersive experience.

“But we have created a lot of 360° content for social media and that has played really well for us as well.”

The final part of the seminar saw Laduma host a question and answer session with Wayne Scholes, who has overseen the development of Photo Number 6 alongside TV star Alan Fletcher.

alan_fletcher_photo_number_6Laduma film crews followed the production of the show across the world, creating exclusive VR content to accompany the series.

Mr Scholes added: “One of the things we wanted to do with Photo Number 6 was avoid it being just another TV show, albeit a very good one. We wanted to do something unique, which is when we looked at VR.

“The VR sequences take the viewer on an extra journey into the experience the presenter has been having. A lot of the feedback we had was people saying they would love to go with him, so VR ticked all the boxes for us

“People can click on the app and be taken into an immersive environment with the crew, and get a bit of the background experience as well. They feel part of every aspect of the show, not just the final produced piece,”

Laduma will be exhibiting at MIPCOM all week until Thursday, at stand P-1.B2 – P-1.C-1. For more details contact us.