Laduma’s CaVRn is unique. It’s social. It’s immersive.

It’s a 22ft Virtual Reality dome that uses groundbreaking short-throw projector technology and spacial audio to create a unique ‘floor to ceiling’ 360° experience. CaVRn allows people to experience stunning VR in a shared, social environment.

At the International Business Festival in Liverpool, CaVRn was a star of the show – HRH Prince William gave it his Royal seal of approval when he called it “fantastic”.

Remember, in an exhibition space dominated by hundreds of brightly-coloured booths, CaVRn stands out – literally. It’s the first thing people see when they scan the horizon and yes, it’s quite often the first thing they visit

For brand exposure, there is nothing like it.

So is it the answer to every single VR challenge? We’ll let our staff have a say on that one….

Ben Smith, CEO of Laduma, says: “With the dome, we’re giving people something they’ve literally not seen before. We’re showing VR content in a way that’s bringing people together and for brands that’s really important. They want to be a reason that people come together around their stories, so CaVRn gives them that opportunity.

“Yes, you’ve still got the incredible content, that immersive experience, but the dome also brings that wow factor and that way of unifying people around one idea. I think that’s really cool.”

Chris Haralambous, Director of Commercial Partnerships at Laduma, agrees that CaVRn delivers something people have never seen before: “Without stating the obvious, it’s the feeling you get when you walk into the dome, the ability to experience that immersive side.

“I think just the freedom to be able to look around, to walk around. The dome really gives you the ability to almost interact with your surroundings.”

Lauren Reynolds, Head of Marketing at Laduma, believes that headsets do have a well-deserved place in delivering immersive VR content, given the right circumstances.

She says: “It’s just that the experience is better (with a headset) and you have control. It’s just more personal. I do indoor skydiving and you can do that now with a VR headset on.

“You’re safe, you’re not jumping out of a plane, but you still feel like you’re flying over Hawaii, The Alps, or wherever you want to go. Those kind of experiences are something you can’t get outside of a headset.”

Tommy Pickersgill, Lead Developer at Laduma, also believes the immersive nature of headsets can offer an advantage over a VR dome:  “With a headset it’s total immersion. It literally takes you out of the real world into a virtual world.

“You just forget about where you are and you just focus on where the experience is itself.”

Laduma Marketing Manager Kelly Forshaw, meanwhile, is a big fan of CaVRn’s ability to deliver a social VR experience: “The great thing about the dome is that it’s social and you can share it with people. You and your friends can walk into the dome and look at things together.

“If I was going to an event, I’d rather go into the VR dome than put a VR headset on. One because the dome doesn’t mess up your make-up! But also it’s more exciting!”

And for Alex Kunawicz, Vice President of Strategy at Laduma, the fact that CaVRn delivers unbeatable benefits for brands in a crowded marketplace is something that cannot be underestimated.

He says: “The one thing that makes the dome unique is that it makes a great statement for brands and really stands out. It brings lots of people together to watch their content. And to find out more about them.”

Laduma’s CaVRn is something you haven’t seen before. It’s delivering an experience you haven’t seen before.

And for brands, it’s an opportunity to reach people in a way nobody ever expected would be possible.