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Everything you need to succeed in 3D.

What is 3D Modelling?

Whether you need 2D or 3D animations, Augmented Reality filters or characters who come to life in Virtual Reality, our expert modelling team can help. We are also experts in techniques such as Volumetric Capture and Photogrammetry to map objects and place them seamlessly into a CGI environment.

Need an entire factory mapping or recreating in order to build a training programme for staff? No problem. We can deliver on the biggest and smallest of budgets and scales.

Why 3D Modelling?

3D Modelling and graphics can really bring an extra element to your project. From fun cartoons to life-like people, we know how to create beautiful animations and scenes.

Whether you are looking to build brand awareness, launch a new product or encourage people to make use of one of your core services, making use of 3D modelling as part of your marketing strategy can help you establish a really fun, informative and engaging campaign.

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3D Modelling

Our experienced team have created everything from mascots and masks to cartoons and vehicles. We can create and animate from scratch, purchase existing models to be modified or build on your existing work. Before we begin, we’ll talk you through these options, discuss the level of detail you require and work out the best way forward, based around what the character is going to be used for. We can even use green screen or photogrammetry to turn real life into 3D modeling and animations.

3D Animation

Animation is at the core of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and games, but it can also bring extra style to any graphics, from websites to presentations. Our expert team of 2D and 3D modellers can build graphics, characters and entire worlds from scratch.


We use this technique to combine several images together to create amazing content. Live action compositing is done using a green screen to bring real objects into another environment. CGI scenes are created in a similar way, various CGI elements are rendered separately then composited together to create the final image.

CGI Environments

Our team of 3D modelers, creatives and developers have built everything from Jurassic worlds to the internal workings of the human body. Whether you want to replicate vast expanses of cities, the minutiae of blood cells and electrons or something completely different, our 3D modelling tools can help.

The 3D Process

When it comes to creating graphics the sky is quite literally the limit, but we will be there the whole way to help bring your ideas to life and offer our expertise as to what types of animation are best for you.

We can bring your assets, logos and designs into our programmes as well as making brand new graphics from scratch. Whatever the project demands, we can accomodate.

If the project requires creating models, scenes and graphics from scratch, this is the time we will wireframe, model and design whatever you need.

Your feedback is key to this stage. Once we have let us know your thoughts, we will make any changes necessary for the project to be a success.

It’s time to handover the graphics that have been built, whether that’s to our team for integration into a larger piece we’re making or to you for your own needs.Either way, we’ll ensure you’re 100% happy.

Our Clients

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