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360 video is certainly a popular choice when it comes to content production and Virtual Reality.  It has the ability to take promotional video campaigns to the next level, for both you and your client. The customer is able to be fully submerged in your content; experiencing a visual adventure from every angle. Being an award-winning VR company, Laduma specialise in 360 video production as a part of our VR content creation team. Using a 360 video production company to construct your desired content is a sure-fire way to ensure an exciting and high-quality Virtual Reality masterpiece which will entice and engage your customers and promote your company’s new ideas. But what is 360 video?

Every Angle Covered

360 video, otherwise known as an immersive video or VR video, is a video shot at every single angle using a multitude of cameras to achieve an all-around recording that captures every single moment as it happens. You are then left with a film like no other, where your surroundings as you know it have changed as you are placed smack bang in the middle of the video, with the ability to look around as you choose, and experience everything that is going on, thanks to the VR viewing hardware that is available. Watching run-of-the-mill, 2D promotional videos are becoming a thing of the past, as now the client can fully experience the world of your business whilst giving your content undivided attention, in this exciting and memorable piece of marketing.

360 video production takes creative capability, time, effort and a full understanding of your brand’s style. It’s important to know whether using a 360 VR studio for your marketing needs will work well with your target audience. Once that is decided and we know your project needs, we can get to work in creating the best film for your 360 video in order for you to fully reap the benefits of this unique marketing venture. Our team includes experts in 360 video production, able to begin crafting and constructing concepts, narratives and scripts whilst being mindful of your goals and desired results. We will ensure that it is not only on brand, but excellently represents you and brings your ideas to life.

What are the key aspects of good 360 video?

It’s important that the video itself adheres to the features of a VR 360 video to fully guarantee that it is an all-around great encounter. Not only does the narrative have to be top-notch, but aspects such as cinematography, acting, location and scripting has to also be of faultless quality to further aid the 360 experience and customer engagement. Luckily for you, this is something we always deliver. The overall concept of the 360 video will be designed for you; a unique story, never seen before to construct a fun and exciting event to promote your business and its new ideas.

Finding Your Ideal Option

In terms of 360 video production, it does not always have to be live action. Here at Laduma, we know that different brands need different kinds of marketing to be able to reach out to their individual client base. With this said, this might call for an animated 360 video, or something that strays away from a set story; becoming more of a learning experience. Whichever route we believe is best for you, Laduma are prepared to apply all their efforts into your 360 video production, creating something magical which will increase engagement and the all-important connection between you and your clients.

With experts in creative strategy, as well as script writing and animation, all bases are covered in our 360 VR studio, when it comes to producing a video just for you. As a high-level 360 video company, Laduma will strive to apply your desires and marketing requirements to every aspect of 360 video production, whether in location scouting, casting or writing. 360 video can be viewed on many platforms and through different software, and you are able to choose the right one which will adhere to your company and what you would like to achieve.

What places can my 360 video be used best?

Your 360 video can be viewed using a VR headset, which when worn would place the individual in the middle of the narrative, allowing them to look all the way around them with ease, viewing your story at every angle. It enables boundaries to be removed so that your clients can be fully immersed in your content. It’s fun, exciting, different and would allow your brand to have the deserved attention and be an ongoing highlight. 360 video can also be experienced by many at once by using our very own CaVRn VR Dome – a sure way of allowing your new content to be admired by groups, rather than one at a time.

360 video is an appropriate marketing tool as it has the potential to be the most portable and sharable aspect of VR, being able to travel big distances and connect with many people easily in a short amount of time. With 360 video software available for phones, 360 video is a great piece of marketing for your company that can be shared and spread over social media, ensuring that everyone will be able to see and experience the new and exciting innovation for your company.

360 videos, original content and social media are matches made in heaven for increasing customer acknowledgment, engagement and involvement with your company. With the ability to be shared over social media, it unlocks the potential for your 360 video produced by Laduma to grow at a rapid rate, gaining the biggest audience possible. Due to the universality of social media and uniqueness of 360 video, this content will allow your company to be trendsetters in clickable and shareable content – let us help make that happen.

If used to its fullest potential, using 360 video to promote your business and its new ideas or campaign, could be one of the best marketing steps you have ever taken. We would love to guide you on this journey, helping you achieve the best results for your company. We can provide you with top content, along with the guidance and support you need when working with VR and 360 video. Take advantage of this innovative new tool and let VR amplify your brand, giving it the attention it deserves. We’d be happy to talk you through this service in more detail, just get in contact with the Laduma team today.

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