A trade show is an environment that is notoriously difficult to stand out in. Obscured by a sea of colorful booths and grand offerings and with many of those attending simply looking to grab some freebies and skip off home, what is going to set you apart and allow you to grab the attention of future clients or shake hands with that influential figure?

Well, immersive technology has the power to outdo the shiny brochure the next stall over and reinvigorate your tired old pitch. Let virtual reality do the talking for you with a 360 dome. Consisting of multiple projectors combining to create one image, the innovative piece of tech allows you to tell your story in the most intimate and engaging way possible.

The power of the dome is its sociability. Virtual reality headsets have their own interactive allure, but a dome is special. It does things that a headset cannot. It allows groups of people to share in immersive experiences and gasp in wonder at the visuals on display. People can share memories and content and be easily unified by one collective idea. A dome can also be fully customizable. The outer has a bespoke branded skin and can be used as a projection surface, meaning no inch of the dome’s surface is wasted. Every little space can be used to display content, giving you free roam to be as creative and daring as you see fit.

Despite its futuristic and complex exterior aesthetic, its simplicity is key, providing an exciting and easy way for people to consume new technology without having to be inundated with the complexities of that technology. Make no mistake though, it’s look is extremely important in attracting attention. It is a huge, eye catching piece that you can instantly see and are drawn towards. Who’s going to walk past that? It is a bold and enigmatic presence that makes a fantastic talking point to begin discussions leading onto other products and projects. Half the battle is creating intrigue and starting genuine conversation at these events, so the dome is the perfect inline.

As you can see in the video below, Laduma’s CaVRn dome is unique in the sense that you can walk in and stand to look at the content within, as opposed to many domes and planetarium style projection systems where you have to be seated to enjoy the experience. Our custom designed, 22 ft dome that creates unique floor to ceiling 360 experience without the need for headsets.
CaVRn has received rave reviews worldwide and was enjoyed by HRH Prince William at the International Business Festival in Liverpool and our VR content production is second to none and our clients include HSBC, The NBA, Intermountain Healthcare, Jacksonville Jaguars, iHeart media and Tough Mudder.


For more information about our fantastic 360 dome email us at info@thinkladuma.com to start a conversation about how we can best tailor our dome to make you stand out at your next corporate event.