Here at Laduma, company culture is something that is incredibly important to us.

We want people enjoy coming to work every day and feel motivated to do their best. Creating a positive culture within the company is important all year round, but particularly at Christmas.

Laduma’s Head of HR Colin Wilford says: ‘I think one of the biggest benefits to the employer, is loyalty. As a company, if we create the right culture, where people feel happy, people feel safe, they feel valued they feel appreciated, they feel like they’re part of a team – they will always loyal to a company. They’ll always be committed and give us their best. A lot of people don’t enjoy going to work. The culture might be one of ‘we just take advantage of your time and talent, we don’t actually appreciate you.’ At this company, we spend a lot of time helping people feel valued and appreciated. We’re always doing fun things, bringing in food, having fun activities. We’re always trying to do things that makes people go home and say ‘that was a good day, that was a fun day’.”

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to show your team how much they are valued and encourage team-building activities.

Here are 10 ideas (inspired by our own Christmas plans) that you could do with your team this year:

  1. Christmas Jumper/sweater day: Ask all staff to wear the ugliest festive sweater they can find and give a prize to the best one.
  2. Gingerbread House building: This can be done during the day and can take only 30 minutes. Split up into small teams or individuals and build gingerbread houses. (You don’t have to wait too long before eating them!)
  3. Character decorating: Get some templates for people to decorate of Snowmen, Reindeer, Santa clauses etc. Who doesn’t love arts and crafts?
  4. Charity work: Allocate everyone 20 of one item for example, socks or toothbrushes and build care packages to distribute to rough-sleepers.
  5. Ice-skating: Find you nearest rink and have some fun on the ice.
  6. Pantomime: Probably more of a British tradition (Oh yes it is!) but for everyone else, perhaps a trip to the theatre?
  7. Christmas movies: Finish a couple of hours early and wheel in the big TV (or the projector) and throw on Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life or The Grinch. What better way to get into the Christmas spirit?
  8. Secret Santa: Set a $5/£5 maximum spend and do secret Santa in the office.
  9. Charity gift giving: Find local charities who may have access to families in need this Christmas and as a team, all chip in to give a little back to people who need it.
  10. Eat, drink and dance.

Here are 10 reasons why you should embrace Christmas fun within your business:

  1. It’s a ‘Thank You’ from management to the staff of all their hard work throughout the year.
  2. Entertaining your staff at Christmas will allow employees to go away for the Christmas break feeling positive about the company and see them return the favour in hard work, loyalty and motivation for 2019.
  3. It provides an excellent opportunity to reiterate and deliver key company messages, recognition awards and plans for the year ahead.
  4. Team-building activities strengthen team dynamic and unite the workforce.
  5. Christmas activities bring different departments together who may not normally work together closely.
  6. Maintain staff retention by giving them an event to remember with memories that will be talked about for years to come.
  7. Giving back to local community is not just good PR, but helps the team to realise how fortunate they are.
  8. Charitable work also allows employees to understand more about their community, and the society around them.
  9. Such tasks also place a positive responsibility on staff. And allows all team members – no matter how junior or senior – to rise to the occasion through selfless acts of charity and giving.
  10. It’s fun!